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Friday, February 10, 2006
Redundancies Of The World

I am back to prevent my blog from dying out. And today's topic is...[Please refer to the title] Yes, that's what it is. Today's topic is...[Please refer to the title]

Now, with reference from above, you should be able to tell apart what actually is redundant, and what is necessary. For example, me repeating the same lines twice is abolutely redundant.

Some time during the past week, during which I was too lazy to blog, the principal of our school [no names going to be mentioned] gave us a talk, about reading. Yes, reading. She mentioned how important reading was during the silent reading period. Ironic isn't it? Here she is telling us the importance of reading, and there she's sprouting nonsense and taking away our precious time, for reading, which is apprantly, VERY important.

The next 'important' thing she talks about, is essentially, how illiterate we'd be if we didn't read enough. And I'm like : "RIIIIIIIIIIGHT". And at that point, I can just imagine what Jill could have been doing. With extremely wide eyes while nodding her head slightly, saying :" INDEED"

The main point is that her talk, on the importance of reading, was completely redundant. Firstly, if we were reading one or two books a year, [assuming] that would most likely have been considered as ''not enough", therefore, it means, that we are all illiterates. So, tell me, if we were all illiterates, how could we, in the first place, have read books, much less be sitting in secondary school listening to her redundant speech.

Next up, is one of the teachers. He [no names going to be menitoned either]is a lousy teacher and all he does, is get information from the textbooks, then reciprocates them on the whiteboard. I'm all for it, but the thing is, he expects us to COPY it down. What the [expletive deleted] hell...Tell me then, what's the bloody use for a textbook then? That is so [expletive deleted] redundant. And he has the cheek to reprimand us.

Hmm...Come to think of it, I shouldn't be the one that's angry, cause in actual fact, I wasn' t the one who got scolded. XP Oh well, I just thought I had to say something about the redundancies of the world, and all its rubbish.

P.S I managed to pass the 2.4km run today, which is just another redundant event. Yay for me though. Sad thing is, I have to run AND pass again, in order to be able to stop this running madness. X(

11:32 pm

Sunday, February 05, 2006
The Second Post For The Day...Well, Technically

Technically, it is the second post for the day, but because it's wayyyyy past 12 midnight, it should logically be classified as a post for another day. Or is it logically a second post for the same day and technically classified as a post for another day? Oh whatever.

In any case, if you had read my previous post, you should be able to tell how long my day has been. Yes, it has once again been a long long long long long long long day for me. And my eyes are about to pop out. I have been wearing my contacts for quite some time now, owing to the fact that I broke my glasses. This happened while I was wiping the water off the lenses. Then it broke. And I was like :" Shit!". So now, I'm stuck wearing my contacts, while my eyes get drier and drier every second. The air-con isn't helping, but I have no choice, since I'm in a DOTA match with the Dot-* clan. Before that, I was playing with Linda, Jonadab and Vinson

I'm multi-tasking now. When I die in-game, I come out to blog, and this is getting a tad frustrating cause everytime I switch windows, I have to take like,2 sec? To ''adapt'' to the new task at hand. And every 50+ secs or so, I have to Alt-Tab back in-game. At least I'm not getting trashed.XD

The day was quite satisfying, I met up my godmum, godsis and bro and together with my mum and myself, we had lunch at Genki Sushi at United Square. We went there with the intention of disturbing my bro, who was working there as a waiter. But, ultimately, we just acted normal, and not like a bunch of crazy people intent on crushing a poor waiter's self-esteem. XD

That lasted till about 2.45pm. We then bade them goodbye. It the last time we were going to see them till after a long long long long time. They were going back to HongKong then next day. And because my mum couldn't bear to see my godmum off, she chose to stay at home and send messages, instead of going to the airport, for fear that she would break down there and then. Can't blame her. If your best friend of since like, forever, was leaving for a long long long long time, it would be hard for you too.

So after the goodbyes, we (me and my mum) left for Bishan, J8, where we did grocery shopping till about 3.40. That's when I had to leave, to meet with Linda. She was late, but not as late as she could have been. We were supposed to be there at 3.45, cause Aunty Grace was picking us up. But she was late by a bit as well, so I guess there wasn't a problem with Linda being late. Other than the fact that I had to wait for her.

We managed to get to church on time, though everyone was already there. Service started promptly, and ended quite early as well. Service was about Jesus and the parable of the sower. And might I add, Vinson was leading worship, and he was quite good.

From there, we proceeded to ToaPaYoh for dinner, if that's how you spell it. Practically all of us had beef with rice. It was nice, though me and Linda had to leave early, to go back to J8 (second time for me, in case you were thinking that I had already mentioned it), to get her pencil box. Case actually, cause technically, it wasn't a box. Or is it logically? Gah! Whatever...She didn't buy the pencil case, but I bought my metallic pens, which I had been planning to buy for quite some time. So, yay for me! From there, we went home, and prepare for war.

The day is brought to a close with all the DOTA matches, and with me saving my dried and shriveled eyeballs from the killer contact lenses. It is trying, or was trying rather, to evade my fingers, but alas, I was too fast for them. So here I am, the half-blind me, ending the day, and this post as well, with my face roughly 4 inches away from the monitor.

Goodnight, unknown visitor of The Hidden Shack. Check back soon for more of me and my nonsense.

4:14 am

Saturday, February 04, 2006
Samba, Red Wine, And CHICKEN'S HEART!

Today, is Friday. Okay, it's actually Saturday now, since it's past 12 midnight. But anyway, we ran 2.4 again, but I shall not talk about that, it only makes me feel miserable. Go figure.

So, after school was sectionals, which I went for. And after that, I went home, with the intention of taking a nap, cause i was thinking that if I don't I'll be too tired to enjoy myself later in the night. Surprisingly, however, I wasn't feeling tired. Neither mentally nor physically. So, I lazed around till 5.45? Yeah. Around there. Then I left for my godmum's house. Initially, I thought I was going to be late, but it was the worry unfounded as the taxi driver was fast. Well, I thouht i was going to be late, so I took a cab. But even if I had left the house early, I would still have taken a cab, being the lazy ass I am.

Continuing, I reached my godmum's house, and since we were all present and ready, we left the house. We headed for BigSplash and though we were caught in a jam, we reached the place late, but not the latest. So I guess it was okay. X)

So, we stepped into the brizillan restaurant, and we help ourselves to the wide spread of appetizers, with the prompting of the waiter of course. We were having our food halfway through, when the chef came around, serving us with food.

First up was small pieces of BBQed meat. Naturally, we had to ask what it was. I heard "chicken" and I was like "okay". Then, when the chef went to the otherside of the table, my godsis asked the same question. And this time, the answer was clearer. CHICKEN'S HEART! Goodness. Oh well, at least it tasted nice. It tasted like chicken, but with a bit of heart. XD The rest of the food servered was great, but when we left, the most outstanding thing that I remembered was, you guessed it, CHICKEN'S HEART! Yay!

We left the restaurant, with myself half-drunk after the mixture of red and white wine. But hey, at least I was still walking in straight lines.

We (me. my bro, my godmum, godsis and bro) then proceed to my godgrandmum's house for the final showdown. MAHJONG! I won $2.50 at the end of the few rounds, but hey, I was contented. No, not because I was easily contented, but because I know I suck at mahjong. XP

Something strange happened at popo's house. I had a overwhelming urge to get myself a dog. But my father wouldn't allow it, cause he doesn't like animals. Coming from a man who used to live in a kampong, surrounded by animals, it's a bit strange isn't it? Oh well, I have to wait for another 20 years then, before I get my won house, and a dog. XD

The day ends with me blogging and DOTA-ing at the same time. I shall take my leave for now, but check back soon. Ciao!

3:08 am

Thursday, February 02, 2006
Barney V.S Sesame Street

So, it was a long long day for me. Long long long long day for me. Long long long long long long long long long...You get the picture.

Like the title implies, the whole day revolved around Barney and Sesame Street. There was a debate on which program was more educational, and how children who watch both shows turned out. The debate teams were, Wilee and himself VS the rest of us. It was a fair match of 1 against 6.

School was as usual, a long dragggggggg. I was struggling the entire day to keep my eyes open. So when school ended, I went for luch with Guhuai, Denny, Lanling, and Shelia at the coffeeshop opposite the school. Being the lazy bums we were, we jaywalked across the road, with complete disregard for the traffic light. Not that it cared if we did.

Then, someone who seemed like a bus conductor came up from behind us and went :" Boys and girls, next time please use the traffic light." And as usual, we went : Okayyyyyyyyy.... Turns out, she wasn't a bus conductor, but a teacher. From our school! Oh well, at least she didn't give us an A Form for jaywalking. BUt really, the teachers really need to get makeovers.

After lunch was straight home for me, from which we(me, my mum and bro) proceeded to LaoShi's house, my ex-chinese tuition teacher's house in other words. Nothing much happened there. Something interesting happened though. I came across a wasabi mashmallow thingy. It was exactly spicy or anything, but it did taste like wassabi. Oh well, at least now I know that even somewhere out there, there are people conspiring to scilence me.

We then went to ChompChomp for a seafood feast. We ate till our stomachs nearly burst. It was there when Wilee came to join us.

While we were there, we encountered a cat. A seemingly strange cat, that refused to leave us alone. It kept moving from table to table, like a pingpong ball being hit back and forth in a game. From table to table to table to table to table, until the nice catonese lady came, and blasted the cat in canton. Well, that didn't work, but eventually, she got smart, and tempted the bloody cat with some food. Only then did it go away.

From there, we proceeded to the last stop, which was a wine cellar cum restaurant, just opposite Chompchomp. The place was called "Friends" if I remember correctly. So, while we where there, the debate began. No, wait. It only began after we took wine. I think we were all semi-drunk. Oh well. I couldn't drink much cause I was driving. X)

Like the cat, the debate went back and forth, back and forth, until the time limit was up, and we all had to leave.Oh well, we had fun while it lasted.

Hmm...I'm tired now, and I shal retire to my bed. I mihg tcome back another day to add details, so watch out for that. XD But for now, ciao!

11:13 am

Wednesday, February 01, 2006
A Strangely Happy Day

It was a real happy day for me. And when I say real, I mean REAL. For some strange reason. Happy happy! Lalalalala~~~ Hmm...Enough of that. Come to think of it, maybe it's the leftover happiness from yesterday. Cool! Lalalalala~~~

So...In recent happenings:

My godmum is back! From HongKong. She's back for CNY. Like duh. Anyway, the thing is, I went for half an hour of band. More of half an hour of my own sectionals. I was playing by myself, cause Guhuai was nowhere to be found. So, I left at about 3pm. I told my mum to wait for me at home, and leave together, but I forgot that she wasn't working today. But nonetheless, she could still have waited for me. But did she? No, obviously not. Oh well.

When I eventually reached my godmum's house, my mum had already lost most of her chips. Not surprising really. Both my mum and I seemingly suck at mahjong. And together, we lost pratically ALL our chips. Saddness. But strangely enough, I was happy~~~

After mahjong, we went bowling. Uncle Wilee was late, but we still managed to play 2 games with him. Before he came, we had already completed one round, so we, with the exception of my brother, sorta sucked at it, cause we were tired already. By the time we reached the 3rd game, only my brother was left standing.

However, (there's always a however) I was STILL feeling gay, although I got trashed by my bro, and although I was tired, and although my hand hurt.*takes deep breathe* Happy gay, not gay gay, in case you were thinking. Strange! Oh well. I guess I have too much happys in me.

In case you were wondering, happys are little yellow balls of joy. Hmm..

We were supposed to have dinner upstairs, with respect to the bowling alley, which was at the basement. But, (like however, there's always a butt, I mean but) according to Mak Ah Long the fiid there sucks. Not his exact words, but roughly the same.

So, we have dinner at this old, old, oll, OLD, OLD restaurant. The food was chinesely chinese, but it was great. Worth every single one of our penny. While having dinner, we were having a stranely happy discussion about old ladies, chio bus (pretty girls), shuai ges (hamdsome guys) etc. But obviously, they were all average looking and below... Mostly ah peks and ah mas (grandpeople, granddads and mums I mean). XD We eventually had to leave cause if we didn't, the workstaff wouldn't be able to go home, and in turn, chances are, they would continue to stare at us. XD

Thus marks the end of another strangely happy day., with me watching America's Next Top Model on TV. Hmm...I think, if this happiness lasts till next week, I will most probably jump off a building or something.


Sometimes, I question my own sanity.

11:12 pm