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Monday, May 28, 2007

I'm touched. No, not literally if that's what you were thinking. My class, for which I've known for less than a month, celebrated by birthday with me! It's not that I don't feel anything when people celebrate my birthday but it's the fact that I've only known them for barely half a month.
So maybe the church would have celebrated with me as well if I didn't tell them that I didn't want to celebrate my birthday but it feels different when you celebrate it with people you've known for months and with people you barely know in comparison.

They bothered! They could have chosen not to be they did. Happy~


And thanks to everyone who took time to wish me.

Here's it in a nutshell.

Met up with Gerald, ShiHui, Chrystal, Viv at CityHallMRT and decided to have lunch at NYDC at Suntec, where WuChong, WeiYen, Dawn, SiHui and JY joined us. Dawn, SiHui and JY bought me a shirt from Volcom, totally unexpected. And they bought me a cake! Not that I'm fond of cakes but the thought really counts!

And then I met up with Jo and WenAn. Jo "made" me cake, a pretty bottle and a card. Cool beans. Headed for Vivo. SHOPPING! But it was sad. There were quite a few things that I wanted, but they didn't have it in my size. Yes, that's how blarrdy fat I am. Blegh.

We had dinner ar Carl'sJr where Jo made a really funny comment. We were talking about how my churchmates all looked really young and she said:

"Everyone looked so young even the baby looked like it was unborn."

I had problem getting back my head that was already halfway to AMK.

Oh, and before I forget, I want to thank someone else.

I present:


Going out with May later. Can't wait~

11:51 pm

Sunday, May 27, 2007

If I haven't already mentioned, it's the end of the first block and this means it's the holidays! For the design school only though. Heh.

I have no idea how I'm going to survive the next 2 blocks. As it is, 1 block is like hell already. And without breaks in between, you tell me how to sleep?

I think it's really sad that people think that poly students have it easy. Seriously. So I've mentioned it before but everytime people pass comments, maybe unintentionally, but it irks me to no end. Jo was telling me how her friend makes really stupid comments about us slacking around and doing nothing. Well, here's my response:

STFU mate~

Okay, that was uncalled for.

I'm not so sure about the other schools but here in design, we have it bad. I have no idea how to put down into words the things we've gone through the past month, but I've never done anything close to what I've gone through before.

I get the feeling that I'm on the receving end of condescendence when I tell people who are not in design about stuff. Maybe I should carry a banana around cause condescendence deserves a stab with a banana. And when I'm done stabbing people, I can eat it. Conversely, if I carried a fork, I wouldn't be able to eat it. But that's besides the point.

I propose that everyone be put through different forms of education! At least for a week, so that everyone gets to share everyone's misery. You know what they say, misery loves company. But that's just me. Our very wise and rich gahmen will never allow it, too time comsuming. And when time is consumed, them moolah goes down the drain as well. You know what they say, time is money. I shouldn't be talking to much bout the gahmen. The next thing you know,the secret police will be dragging me away to a cesspit and leaving me there to rot.

Speaking of the secret police, there's someone working for TemasekHoldings ie, gahmen's money making machine, in my Japanese class. So the teacher was asking what a few of us thought of Singapore and I was telling May we had better say good things or she'll call the secret police.

I think I'm mean.

-Mum:What do you want to drink?
Me: Anything
Mum: There's no such thing as Anything.
Me: Oh now they do.
[potential conversation]

1:51 am

To Whom It May Concern


Here's to:

Whoever took the time to remeber and to whoever cared to wish.


Didn't want to celebrate for some reason. Hated the notion it this year, but I'm glad that people remembered. Even those that I have just made friends with, they remembered! How cool is that!

Here it is once again:


-You know what I wish for? A seperation of the nation that is "SpareTire" HAHA! In short, a miracle.

12:21 am

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ight. Busy busy.

I think many people have misconceptions that poly students have it easy. Well let me tell you, whoever said that must have been seeing pigs fly around, cause it just ain't the case.

On the contrary, I've been kept on my toes since the start of the block, so much so that I think I lost a toe and didn't notice. Hey, can't blame me, too much work to bother. Though the other classes have it waaaaaaaaaay worse than mine. It'll be my turn soon anyway.

Ahhh...The devil that is DrawEss.

It's like the holidays in a sense - sleep late everyday. The difference is, instead of sleeping at 3am and waking up at 6pm, you sleep at 3am and wake up at 6am.

Perhaps the only solace is in the fact that there's only 2 days more of what seems like hell to go through before the holidays. And I swear, I will go into hibernation. And if anyone disturbs my sleep, God help me I will smack the person so hard his ancestors will feel dizzy.

Oh right, and solace in Lily too! In case you didn't already know, Lily is my MacBook that my dad bought for me recently. And it's black too. And yes, my IpodNano is also called Lily but they have different middle names, Lily Diabolique and Lily Blaque.

And the GSS is coming soon. Time to start saving.

Oh well. I shouldn't be blogging but what the hell, I need a blarrdy break.

Ight. I'm off!

- Thanks, bye, see you again!

9:34 pm

Tuesday, May 22, 2007
Peanut Butter And Mango

ShiHui just told be I got a [expletive deleted] B+ for my first poster.

And I'm upset.

So I'm having a peanut butter sandwich now to comfort myself. And I had a mango before that.

Both Joleen and May says it's good enough already. But I was hoping for an A.


[expletive deleted] it! I'm going to have myself another mango.

12:25 am

Saturday, May 19, 2007

A lot of things have been happening and as such, I really have no time to blog regularly. Not that it was ever regular to begin with, but still.

School's being an ass with loads of assignments with ever-looming deadlines; so much so that I forsook sleep just on Wednesday so that I could add stuff to my poster. And it wasn't like I didn't have a choice or something, I CONSCIOUSLY chose to forsake sleep just so that my poster will look better. It was already 4am when I made that decision and I don't regret it.

Passion. Makes a hell lot of a difference doesn't it? Imagine. If I had gone to a JC instead, I swear, I will never for the life of me choose to stay up just to better an assignment. Oh well.

Shall post a picture of my poster up after I eventually decide to upload them when I'm not feeling lazy ,which will be never.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Why Jack? Why not Leonardo or James? Don't know. Okay, out of point.

Anyway, despite all the work, there were days when I was free and managed to catch a breather even if it was just for a few hours. Some pictures!

Joleen and me

Clarke Quay
Me and Lina

Yup. So just these few. I intially had like a photo-ful entry planned out but I deleted the photos by accident. Don't ask.

There was an "outing" to ArtFriend today though there aren't any photos. But woah, Jo and I laughed till our sides ached.


---OMG Sherwin Koh.

Okay there are a few funny things that happened today. Sherwin and I went to town after CCN to get all my art materials. I lugged the A2 drawing block all over town, ridiculous. Arty Farty [self denial] - NOT!

Okay so here goes.

Sherwin: The MOS party was really horrible.
>Me: Why?
Sherwin: You know I was wearing the Puma pullover, the red one?
Me: Oh yes.
Sherwin: I looked like a sore thumb amongst everyone else because every one was wearing shirts!
Me: SOUR PLUM!?!?!?!?!?!

-cracks up

Sherwin: SORE THUMB!!!!
Me: I heard sour plum.
Sherwin: Yeah and I was feeling so sour I went upstairs and I started throwing coasters down.
-cracks up again

Sherwin: Yeah it was so crowded everyone on the dancefloor were just vibrating.

-I could have been dead by then.

Me: I imagined a sulky sour plum throwing coasters.
Me: So, you threw coasters all night?
Sherwin: No. I ran out of them.


Sherwin: Kee Jan always wears this shirt with the China collar.
Me: You know why?
Sherwin: Why?
Me: It's to complement his pony tail.


Sherwin: Kee Jan says purple is a psychedelic colour and he always gets his facts wrong.
Me: Like?
Sherwin: Like he said Romeo and Juliet was set in the 60's.
Me: I thought it was like centuries ago.
Sherwin: Yeah, 15th century.
Me: Oh wait, you mean people knew how to talk at then?

Okay final straw, I almost died laughing

We were talking about catridge paper.

Sherwin: Maybe I should get cartridge paper. So my painting wouldn't curl up.
Me: Cartridge paper is just acid free you should get thicker paper.
Sherwin: I thought cartridge paper is treated!
Me: Yes but it just makes sure that your drawing won't turn yellow 500 years later.
Sherwin: Yeah then 500 years later people would ask, you mean people knew how to talk back then?

Okay whatever!---

Citations: Joleen (2007, May, 18). OMG Sherwin Koh. Retrieved May 18, 2007, from http://deception-point.blogspot.com/2007/05/omg-sherwin-koh.html

Hah! Take that, Citations APA Style!

This is what too much COMDi does to you.

12:26 am

Friday, May 11, 2007
As Promised!

Okay. So after an eternity of no updates, here it is, the special post as promised. How exciting!

This is me. And my best friend of forever, May. Makes you wonder why I chose such an unglam picture of me, but I really sums up what our friendsip is all about. It's CRA-ZEH! All the silly little things we did. FUN!

And here's us again. With Mr.JellyBeans from CandyEmpire. The jellybeans go a long way back, when we'd go to the airport on the premise of studying, only to end up with tons of candy from the well, candy shop and spending the whole remainder of the day picking out the bad jelly beans. And when I say bad, it was REALLY bad.

So you might be wondering why it took so long for me to post pictures of myself. Well.....LAZINESS! I intially didn't really want to post pictures of myself for fear of I don't know, people coming across my blog and going "Hey! It's that guy from school. I don't know him but I've seen him around school, so I shall read his blog and find out what kind of sick person he is." or worse "WAH!! He's damned ugly larh. Still dare put pictures of himself online worh" But I've gotten over it already. Ugly then ugly lorh. They can say whatever they want to.

And here's a solo shot of me:

Scroll down....


Sorry, I just had to do that.

9:42 pm