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Friday, April 21, 2006
Lyrics: Hanabi By Ikimono-gakari

So. Bleach is currently at episode 77! YAY! And they have new opening and ending songs. Can't say much for the opening, but the new ending song is GREAT! And I have gone psycho over it. Been playing it almost 24/7. And being the psycho I am, I just had to get my hands on the lyrics.

But no. Fate had other plans, and I have been denied access to the lyrics. NOOOOO! No I say, NOOOOOO! And then again, being the physco I am, I obtained the lyrics from the ending of the episode itself. And for all the physchos like me out there, here it is. YAY! It's not the full version though, just the anime version. The short short short short one.Much to my disappointment. Just wait till I get my hands on the FULL song and FULL lyrics. But nonetheless, enjoy!

Hanabi by Ikimono-gakari
Kirameite yurameite aoki umi
Maihanatsu hana moeyuku
Sensaku ni ochiru sora
Futta hira no yume hanabi
Mune saku omoi wo o anata ni uta wa koe ga kikoeru
Setsunai hiraku sore wa hanabi
Kirameite yurameite aoki umi
Maihanatsu sakihokoru haru ga tataku
Mamoriyuku sono omoi hitasura narihibike
Hateru made semete tsuyoku
Kono hana moeyuku

11:34 pm

Sunday, April 02, 2006
--Click-- --Click--

Been talking to Huiwen. Replying her prod only after 45minutes. Hey, I was gaming okay? But the game was moving so slowy, I though I'd never see the day when the game would end. Nonetheless, we forfited the chance to complete the game cause we were all tired, cranky and bored. We sold all our towers and we lost. Then the game ended.

The game ended, but not my boredom. So, I went around link-clicking myself to strange web pages of all sorts. Don't start thinking dirty, cause I didn't.


Then, lo and behold, I come across someone's [no names going to be mentioned] web page. This person, similarly, has fallen sick. [refer to previous post] She/he thinks that she/he is the best, which happenes to be another form of self love. I, for one, cannot for the life of me see any reason for, not just she/he but anyone, to think that they are the best. From what I see, unless you are God, you have no right to proclaim yourslef to be the best. You may say that you're good. You may say that you're excellent. You may say that you're better than most people. But, you can never say that you are the best. Whether you have a position which grants you autority or not.

Think about it. Why did Hitler go about mass killing everyone? It was because he thought he was the best. He thought his race was the best, and that every other race must be eradicated.

Now. If everyone went about thinking : I'm the best. I have autority. I deserve respect. Everyone must listen to me. Then what would become of our world? Would it not be overrun by tyrants and psychotic killers who go around killing any one the deem as inferior? It would be thrown into a state, where to say 'that the world is in a complete chaos', is an understatement of the highest order. Think about it.

And before I take my leave, I will say this to you all. NO ONE CAN BE THE BEST. NOT YOU, NOT ME. ONLY GOD. SO STOP TALKING LIKE YOU ARE.

I have said my piece and I shall continue on my journey... ...


12:41 am