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Friday, December 29, 2006
The Stupidity Of Mankind

Was walking around in Takashimaya when I rounded a corner. There was this boy, 14 perhaps, who was flipping a coin. Up went the coin, and as with everything that goes up, it came falling back down, unable to escape the grasp of gravity just like how we can't escape our pathetic lives. Just when you thought we would catch it, there's a short, dramatic pasue as you stare at the boy... And he walks right into the falling coin. He goes "ouch".

I nearly got run over by a trolley while I was trying to get my head back after dropping it due to excessive laughter.

On the MRT, there were this 3 girls, giggling and prancing around this guy. Nothing stupid about that except for the fact that they looked 13 and he looked 21. There they were, giggling and blatantly pointing at him as he sat there beside their 3 EMPTY seats. It was probably because he would have stabbed them if they sat near him had really bad body odour that all of them couldn't bear to sit beside him. They stood behind the glass panel, prodding at it in the direction where he sat and, you guessed it, giggled.

It's times like these that makes me wonder what our supposedly "one of the best" education system's doing to the younger generation. It appears that we are getting smarter academically, but have only the slightest semblance of cow sense.

To think our country will be in their hands eventually. The thought makes me shudder.

2:42 am

A Gathering

Met up with KaiLing and Jasmine for dinner today, or yesterday rather, after an eon of not seeing each other. It was really strange because it were as if we hadn't left primary school before; right from the moment we met, we were laughing our heads off.

Then we left after dinner at PepperLunch which was actually dinner. Maybe they should change the signboard when its dinner to PepperDinner. Which would be quite strange, but nonetheless...

We sent Jasmine off at the bus stop then it was just me and KaiLing. We were talking about friends and it was then that it hit us, that that wasn't the period of awkwadness that's supposed to be there when we have a reunion of sorts. And also, quite significantly, how of the entire class of 6/1 '02, the 4 of us, including XingJie who was unable to make it, were still quite close. Also the fact that we were sort of outcasts back in those days and will still continue to be, which isn't at all surprising.

Perhaps it was the fact that we weren't from EM1 like the rest of them, save XingJie in this case, or maybe, it's just the blatant fact that our EQ make-ups are different from theirs. Or maybe we were and are still deemed as too "unworthy" for the likes of them.

A gathering - or the lack there of, seeing how we were excluded completely from any gatherings. They could at least just ask us. Not that we would turn up under any circumstances seeing that we are deviants and probably hate their guts wouldn't bother anyway. It's basic courtesy. I think. Correct me if I'm wrong but a gathering would require at least half the class no?

2:23 am

Tuesday, December 26, 2006
Walk Or Ride - The Ditty Bops

With just one kiss you could change the world
It might not be much better but it certainly couldn't hurt
When you stomp your feet you aren't hurting me
But you're always killing something just by living on the earth

So who you supposed to listen to when you're looking for something to do
And all the voices shut you up
'Cause someone put a brick in your coffee cup
When you're trying to decide whether to walk or to ride
Take the easy way you know that you want to

I saw an educated girl give her hair a twirl
And contemplate the meaning of a man with just one arm
She's not a genius or a dunce but it makes no difference
For at any moment we might find ourselves a charm

But I'm feeling quite confused by the people who refuse to see
A simple way of life don't make you the loser
They say we won't make it far if we don't drive there in a car
But we'll be there with time to spare and find our own way home

You might find the meaning in the barrel of a rifle
If it's pointed at a bird or if it's pointed at your head
But me I'd rather plant a tree that grows up tall for all to see
Until I need a pencil then I'll chop it to the ground

At night falling down will it make a sound
Should I even wonder what it'd say
It's so hard to change yourself easier to tell someone else
That everything is going to be ok


2:26 am

Friday, December 15, 2006
Junior Colleges And All That Jazz

Okay. To all my dearest friends, I have been keeping a secret from all of you all along. For the past 10 years, I have been training as a international tennis player. As a result, I have gained entry to the arts stream in Hwa Chong Junior College through the Direct Admission Excercise, otherwise known as the "backdoor".


Hearing everyone talking about how so and so managed to get into the first 3 months for so and so JC has really got me thinking. Maybe I should have applied for entry into first 3 months as well. Might have managed to get into a JC. At least if I got in, I'd get 2 points off. But alas, it's too late, sloth will be the eventual cause of my demise.

I'm acutally quite worried that I won't make it through my 'O's. Oh well, I just might fulfill my life long dream of being a road sweeper eventually. So 20 years down the road, when you see me on the roads, do give me a wave cause if I spot you and you don't acknowledge me, I will run you over with that ONYX truck.

11:48 am

Tuesday, December 12, 2006
Random Thoughts VIII

So there was this cow. One day, seeing that all was quiet, he was like "moo", and the rest of the cows were like "moo".

A few minutes later, the farmer came out and brought a few of them cows into the slaughter house. A milk-curlding moo was heard from the slaughter house. Then all was quiet.

The next day, the same cow was like "moo" and the rest of them were like "moo" then the farmer came out again and brought all but two cows into the slaughter house. However, there wasn't a milk-curlding moo this time. It was more of a blood-splattering-all-around kinda sound. It was like, "SPLATSPLATSPLATSPLATSPLAT".

The two cows stared at each other solemnly, not that anyone could tell seeing that they only have one expression, that of boredom. Like "Oh look at me, I'm a cow, hear me moo, I'm bored"

So the next day, being the smart-ass cow, no, he wasn't the spawn of a cow and an ass cross-breeding neither was he the spawn of a goat and cow, he decided to go "bahhh" instead. So he was like "bahhh" and the other remaining cow was like "bahhh".

And then all was quiet.

Then, the farmer came out and slaughtered them anyway. Turns out the cows were asses. No pun intended.

10:58 pm

Wednesday, December 06, 2006
Pedal D

Okay, so, I went for carolling practice today at Jonadab's house. We were practising halfway through when Jon told me that I was singing one octave lower than what I was supposed to be singing and I was like, "Huh? Really?"

Turns out, the lowest note that I can hit so far is pedal D, which is apparantly 7 staves below the last one, which is damned low. The thing that really upsets me is that I can sing a note that I cannot, I repeat, CANNOT play on my tuba. This really upsets me. I'm such a failure! Ohhhhhhh...

But then again, as Jon said, "How many people can sing the notes they play? Much less sing outside the range that they can play."

I was like, "Yeah..."

10:44 pm

Friday, December 01, 2006

I desperately need to let this out or I'll burst like a balloon. Despite my efforts to remain apathetic, angst and apathy clearly do not go well together.


It, the issue concerned, may seem really silly but it is really affecting me. A LOT.

So this is what happened:

Graduation night, painted my nails black. Went home after that, father asked, " You're gonna keep that? Any particular reason?" "No, just for fun." Father gives disgruntled look. I was like, "Do I look like I care?" But obviously I didn't say that. Then, talked to my mum online, "Can I dye my hair?" "Yeah, but go to Auntie Carol, I feel safer." "Okay, bringing my friend too." [Carols is my mum's hair dresser] "Hey, let's go dye our hair on Friday." [Which is today] "Okay" came the message. Next day: "Can help me tell daddy I'm dyeing my hair? Don't know how to put it across to him." "Okay." "Sherwin! People don't care if you're good or not, they will judge you by your looks and you will look like a crook with dyed hair and they might just arrest you. Don't do silly things larh." "Hmmm. Okay." 5 mintues later, father comes into my room. "Sherwin! Don't do anything thing that will break the family up!" I was like, "What the hell larh!?" Again, I obviously didn't say anything. Turns out, I can't paint my nails either cause it was apparantly too "extreme" for his poor heart to take. So now I'm the plain 'ole me, ugly and plain as usual. But it's okay, my friends don't care what I look like, they like me for ME, dyed hair or not. Of which much less can be said about my father seeing that he would probably disown me if I dyed my hair. The thing is, the way I see it, I will rarely get such a chance to dye my hair again, seeing that I might go to JC, which doesn't allow hair colour, or to a polytechnic, which wouldn't allow the colour I want to try. You might argue that I can do it after I get out of school but obviously my work wouldn't allow it unless I become a rockstar or something similar. Further more, it is not as if I wouldn't get into trouble if I didn't have dyed hair. Also, anyone with dyed hair are crooks then? Including my mum, my godmum, godbrother, godsister and a million other good-hearted people including grannys are crooks then? Wait, YOU have dye hair too! Does that make you one too? Like the last post, the painting of nails on guys and dyeing of hair is clearly a deviation to him and he would never for the life of him accept it I suppose. I'm so stupid! Why did I even bother seeking his consent? My mum already gave the green light. I should have gone instead of trying to give him the due respect by letting him know, to which he prompty blew up and claimed I was breaking the family up. Damn it. I was so angry I felt like killing myself. But then I thought, "Why kill yourself, just to prove your point, over someone like him?" Then I was like "Okay...Apathy, apathy where art thou?" Man, I'm so dissapointed and at the same time, angry. This apathy thing is clearly not working out for me. In any case, I'm really hoping that he would eventually think it normal and let me go ahead with it. I seriously for the life of me can't understand how changing my appearence can actually affect me inside. Furthermore, it's not as if they are permanent changes that cannot be changed back to normal. Today, Jill pierced her nose and I was standing there thinking I should do too, just to make my point. But seeing how my father wears the pants in the house, I didn't for fear he'd chop me up and make curry out of me. And AstroPop is strangely theraputic, everyone should try it whenever they're angry. Oh, but this would never dissolve easily. I'm too disgruntled and angsty to let it. Today is Friday, and my hair is black. As black as what I'm feeling. While my friends are changing their hair colour, I'm here being the envious me and moping.Oh man, This sucks. BIG TIME.

Okay. I'm done. I need some apathy here! Anyone got extra to spare?

9:05 pm