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Friday, October 20, 2006
The Urge

Sometimes, when you come across certain things, like a stationary car, you would have a strong urge to react to the situation. Here's a list of things I really wish I could do.

- Run against a stationary car real hard, body slam the car, give a loud cry then slide off the car like I've been run over.

- Hand out pieces of paper that go "Congratulations! Being the first person to have alighted from the bus, you have won yourself $1,000,000!" to all who rush to get off the bus even before it stops.

- Give the cyclist on the walkway a prod and watch him topple over like a sleeping cow that just got tipped.

- Stick out my leg when those pesky buggers on Heelies, or however you spell that, go pass me at shopping malls.

- Take a stroll down Orchard Road or some place crowded and let lose a resonant cry and pretend to faint.

- Similary, take a stroll down some crowded place and suddenly point upwards and screaming bloody murder.

All these ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. There's a hell lot more from where that came from. What really strikes me is my overwhelming nonchalance about the big "O"s, and it's the "O" Levels I'm talking about, in case you were thinking about something else.

When I should be stuffing what's left of my brains with utter rubbish, that would determine the future of my rubbishy life, if there's even such a word to begin with, I'm actually coming up with some myself.

Oh yes, there this thing that I do quite often these days is going "OH MS BALAN!" when I'm feeling unhappy. Strangely enough, it's quite theraputic. Even just thinking about something stressful triggers it off, like thinking about the "O"s. Which is...Right about....Now.


7:57 pm