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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Just came back from J8 with Linda and Melvin. We met after the Life concert at SAJC which wasn't that bad after all. The intial notion of being in a crowed place with people jumping up and down wasn't that appealing but it turned out to be okay.

Anyhow, came back home all shagged only to find a pleasant surprise that is Carrie. Yeah, the one and only Carrie who killed practically everyone at prom and eventually her mother. The one showing now's the 1976 adaptation though.

Directed by Brian De Pal and starring Sissy Spacek, John Travolta, Piper Laurie, Amy Irving, William Katt, Betty Buckley, Nancy Allen and P.J soles, Carrie tells the story of Carrie. [Yeah, no shit about that.] She finds out that she has telekenetic powers after getting teased in school when she has her first mensuration. Having a mentally unstable, Christian fundamentalist as a mother, she is unaware about the concept of puberty. [Her mother believes that its because Carrie commited a hideous sin that brought about her period]

Being a socially awkward girl in a ruthless society, Carrie's repressed and perpetually the butt of all jokes. Not surprisingly, having a sadistic, Christian fundamentalist as a mother who takes her religion too seriously, to the point of having no qualms about killing her own daughter, doesn't really help at all.

She finally pops at the prom when Chris[Nancy Allen] and her friends decide to have the ballots fixed, have her win prom queen and topple pigs' blood over her when she's on stage, turning the hall into a small little piece of hell for everyone. Everyone expect Sue dies. The sad thing was, she didn't see that MissCollins, Tommy and Sue and practically the rest of the people were actually shocked that something like this had happened, contrary to her imagination where everyone was laughing at her. She then proceeds to burn all of them.

She gets home still soaked in pigs' blood only to get stabbed by her very own mother. Carrie rolls down the stairs and snaps yet another time, sending kinves and all manner of kitchen utensils into her mother. Aptly enough, and perhaps ironically enough, her mother was pinned in in such a way that made her look like she was crucified just as Christ was. Coming back to reality, Carrie realises what she has done. Mad at herself, she unconciously brings the house down while trying to save her mother, dragging herself and her mother, after getting the knives off her hands of course, into the prayer room, where they both ended up getting crushed to death.

Moral of the story?

Never pour pigs' blood on a socially repressed girl who has telekenetic powers.

I actually find this version better than the 2002 version, in which Carrie doesn't die at the end but escapes when her mother tries to drown her, instead of stabbing, by squeezing her mother's heart with her powers, rendering her dead.

Also, I find Sissy Spacek way better looking than Angela Bettis who acted as Carrie in the 2002 version.

Sissy Spacek

Angela Bettis

There's a servere lack of pictures of Angela Bettis in Carrie on the net. Other than those of her drenched in blood. Someone should do something about it.

12:16 am

Sunday, March 25, 2007




11:19 pm

Friday, March 23, 2007
By The Power Of STREPSILS!

I used to be a skeptic when it came to taking Strepsils as a remedy for sore throats. Perhaps attributed to the fact that I've never gotten many sore throats and each time I did, I'd see the doctor, it was a take-as-many-MCs-as-you-can-thing. Well, I was still in school then.

But alas the day, now that I have so much free time in my hands, I figured that seeing a doctor would be a bleeding waste of money so I tried to make do with what I had. First it was ice cubes. They helped, but the numbing effect was temporary.

Then it was the PiPaGao thing in the fridge. It was quite a big risk I took, it has been sitting in the fridge since the very first day the fridge was first invented. Some sweet, black and gooey cheena medication if you can even call it medication to begin with. Didn't help the slightest, though the cooling after-effect it left on my throat left me craving for more.

Halls helped a great deal. It didn't exactly stop the pain, but it's so Menthol-ish that it overpowers it. Pop an ice cube in and BOOM! AVALANCHE!

Despite the fact that the pain persisted, Halls kept the pain away for awhile. I would have continued if I hadn't already finished 3 tubes of them Halls. There's just so many packets of Halls one can keep in the house before my mum starts making noise.

The way I saw it, I was running out of options had run out of options. My last bet was on the Stepsils. By default.

Me: [text message] Can you help me get some Strepsils on the way back if possible?

Mum: [call] I have some on my table.

Me: [call] Okay.

Dad: [to me directly] You having a fever? Mummy said you asked for Strepsils.

Me: [to Dad directly] No. Just a sore throat.

Me: [to myself] Strepsils for fever one meh?

As it appeared, my mum was overly concerned. Yes Mum, I know a throat infection sometimes leads to a fever but if I'm down with a fever, I would have asked for Panadol instead. But nonetheless. I love my parents.

By the grace of God, my prayers came true, they came in the form of the powerful antiseptic lozenges that is Strepsils! Though at the rate I'm going, all 12 of them will only last me till tomorrow morning.


-Strepsils aficonado. Not me though.

9:47 pm

Wednesday, March 21, 2007
A Tribute - Thank You For Being A Friend

In conjunction with the previous post, this is a tribute to all my friends. Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I seldom do things like that. This is from the bottom of my heart. Hope you feel the same way too.

Thank you for being a friend
Traveled down a road and back again
Your heart is true, you're a pal and a confidant

I'm not ashamed to say
I hope it always will stay this way
My hat is off, won't you stand up and take a bow

And if you threw a party
Invited everyone you knew
You would see the biggest gift would be from me
And the card attached would say

Thank you for being a friend
Thank you for being a friend
Thank you for being a friend
Thank you for being a friend

If it's a car you lack
I'd surely buy you a Cadillac
Whatever you need any time of the day or night

I 'm not ashamed to say
I hope it always will stay this way
My hat is off, won't you stand up and take a bow

And when we both get older
With walking canes and hair of gray
Have no fear even though it's hard to hear
I will stand real close and say

Thank you for being a friend
Thank you for being a friend
Thank you for being a friend
Thank you for being a friend

And when we die
And float away
Into the night
The milky way
You'll hear me call
As we ascend
I'll say your name
Then once again

Thank you for being a friend

Thank You For Being A Friend
-Andrew Gold


1:36 am

But A Matter Of Time...

With practically all the free time in the world, there's well, a lot of free time. Free time for playing computer games, free time for loafting around, free time for sleeping till 3 in the afternoon, free time for watching anime, free time for thinking, "Wow! I sure do have a lot of free time" and lastly but most importantly, free time for thinking. No, not just about how much free time I have in my hands but of other matters as well, matters that, well, matter.

Oh the puns. It's puni-tive really.

The friends that matter the most to me now are all stuck in a transitory phrase, just a I am, much to my, and perhaps, their distress as well. It is afterall, a period of change, and no one is ever comfortable with change. There may be those who would promptly reply "No, I love change. Change. It's good." The way I see it, you may react as such on the surface, but surely, there must be the slightest of apprehension no?

All of us have friends, close friends, best friends, friends that you never want to forget, friends that you wished you'll never have to lose, friends that you wish will stay by you forever, to a extent that sometimes you wished you never had them to begin with, so that you will never have to come to such a point ever.

But alas. Time.

Time makes it so that things change. As infallible the rule "Time heals all wounds" is, it is beyond any doubt that it will change us, for we are but humans, and humans are never constant. One can proclaim to the seven seas that one will never forget but, surely, that doesn't equate to one staying the same.

It's akin to...A close, dead relative. A grandparent if you will. You may have been close to him/her when he/she was alive but now that he's/she's dead, naturally, you would find someone else and as time goes by, you find that this other person has in a sense, replaced your deceased grandparent. But you haven't forgotten your grandparent yet. Well it is a strange analogy, but it is the closest I can think of, followed by another one about cheesecakes and green tea ice-cream. But I do hope it got the point across.

The thing is that it is the truth, a sad truth, that as we move in, and eventually out, of this transitory phrase, Change will happen. Just as shit does. Yeah, no shit. No puns intended. You make not like it, you may resist but it WILL happen.

The very same thing I told May on Monday, "Someday, [he] will eventually replace me." There will be nothing I can do to stop it and I will be grieved, but it will happen. Not just May, to all my best friends, Jill, Linda, YuYan, Garene, Nathaniel, Amelia, Nigel, LiNing, Thomas, YongWen, Wendeline. I will eventually be replaced by someone else. Then I will be but a memory. Heck, it has already started yet try as I might, I cannot stop it from happening. I am not my friends as an apple is not a watermelon and I simply can't make things turn out the way I want them to.

Not just people. Environment changes. Your comfort zone can never be constant. It will change and as with humans, you cannot, try as you might, stop it. Unless you die, get cremated and put in a little urn in which your comfort zone shall remain the same for eternity, but all that's besides the point.

But there's solace in the fact that I may still be a memory.

Change. Time. Them both go very well together no? Time never operates alone. they're a pair. Nay, they're one. Time is in Change as Change is in Time. Without Time, there will never be Change and it is, too, a sad truth that it goes for the opposite as well.
In the end, it's but a matter of Time.
The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is to is just to love, and be loved in return.
-Nature Boy

1:36 am

Saturday, March 17, 2007
Wicked Little Town - Hedwig and the Angry Inch

You know, the sun is in your eyes
And hurricanes and rains
and black and cloudy skies.

You're running up and down that hill.
You turn it on and off at will.
There's nothing here to thrillor bring you down.
And if you've got no other choice
You know you can follow my voice
through the dark turns and noise
of this wicked little town.

Oh Lady, luck has led you here
and they're so twisted up
they'll twist you up. I fear.

The pious, hateful and devout,
you're turning tricks till you're turned out,
the wind so cold it burns,
you're burning out and blowing round.
And if you've got no other choice
you know you can follow my voice
through the dark turns and noise
of this wicked little town.

The fates are vicious and they're cruel.
You learn too late you've used two wishes
like a fool

and then you're someone you are not,
and Junction City ain't the spot,
remember Mrs. Lot
and when she turned around.
And if you've got no other choice
You know you can follow my voice
through the dark turns and noise
of this wicked little town.

10:25 pm

Tuesday, March 13, 2007
The Calm Before AND After Storm

It's funny how people, more often than not, speak only of the calm BEFORE the storm; no one ever seems to speak of the calm AFTER the storm. Surely, the storm will eventually come to a halt.

Then what happens? If I'm not wrong, and I'm positively sure I'm not, there will be relative peace before the next storm, unless of course, the storm you speak of is one that doesn't end which will be impossible seeing how there's, currently, not the slightest sign of a storm. Perhaps further evidence would be something like, if there's no calm AFTER the storm, then surely there would only be ONE storm because if there's no calm AFTER the storm there wouldn't be another calm BEFORE the storm seeing how there's no calm AFTER the storm. Which would be, once again, impossible.




Note how people looooooooooooooooove going in huge rounds just to make a point. Note, also, how people looooooooooooooooove digression even before any semblence of any main plot/story/recount/etc/etc even start.


It has been one hell of a storm for me with said calmness before and after said storm. Starting with me just loafing around, said storm started brewing on Monday, succeeding said calmness of course. Now, said storm grew in magnitude, with increasing signs of its threatening to explode right in my face as Monday drew nearer and nearer to a close. Ahh... But said storm bid its time and held fast, resisting the urge to blow my head off, which said storm eventually did anyway.


To the story proper.We got our posting results on Tuesday morning. On a side note, whoever said the results would come out at 8am seriously got everyone cheated since I checked the results online at like what? 7.30am.

Anyhow, I got into my first choice I did, Visual Communications at TP but being me, being the indecisive me, I decided that I wanted to go to a JC instead. WOW! Big surprise huh? So off we went, YongWen, May, LiNing, Linda and me, of course, to our dearest alma mater to get our testimonials and stuff from our teachers. All of us wanted to appeal. Me to a JC, and the rest to other JCs.

To cut the day short, we went to school at say, 9.30am? And we got everything done by what? 4pm. That's my fault actually, lost my CCA slips I did which we crucial for the appeals to be made that day. Or so we were told. Got everything ready, the printing of testimonials, re-printing of my CCA slips, etc etc. And we hit NYJC on time! 4.30pm! Yeah, late much but still on time.

And we made our appeals. ONLINE! Turns out we could have appeal right in the comfort of our own homes but NOOOOOOOOOO, no one told us. To make matters worse all the waiting, all the 7 hours of waiting, were rendered in vain. Yeah.But what's done's done.


Wednesday. I went down to YJC to make my appeal. Settled everything and went for lunch with LiNing and May. What I didn't realize at that time was the fact that I was in the very eye of said storm. Peace.

Thursday. Had lunch with May and YongWen. Walked around in AMK Hub. Then YJC called. May picked because I was like "UNKNOWN NUMBER! Quick! You pick, you pick. I think it's YJ." It is at this point that I moved out of the eye and into the storm which kicked itself up a notch since the last time I was struggling to keep myself afloat.

Friday. Went down to YJC, as instructed, to collect the transfer form. It was then, 10am. Some HOD of something told me to go over to TP and get the form signed so that I'll be released from TP. I was like "Okay." She then instructed me to return by 2pm sharp to which I promptly went "HUH?!" "Fine. I'll give you till 4pm, that's 6 hours to get it settled." was the reply. In resignation, "Okay" was mine.

Then it came.

"If you hand in the form, we will NEVER release you."

No one will have any idea, EVER, of how sinister that sounded at that time. You'd have to experience that yourself to know. It was a bolt of thunder to my miserable, pathetic raft.


After much brooding, AGAIN, I decided that it's either NYJC or TP. Ousted was YJC altogether. Reached this resolution at MJC, where LiNing made her appeal.

From there, it was to NYJC we went for the auditions. Hit there round say, 4pm? Audition wasn't till 5pm. So there we waited, till 5pm. We were then given instruments for warm-ups and were brought to different areas.

Auditions were by the range, so being a tubist, I was last. I was the ONLY tubist there and chances were, I would have gotten in. What also helped was the fact that the tubists that are in the band are all J2s so they'll be stepping down after SYF which is like April. Then on, there wouldn't any tubist around anymore. So my chances were high. Still, there were the auditions to sit through.

And so the real waiting began.

My inferiority complex worked up, seeing how the J2s were like maestros compared to me. And I wondered if I would be able to live with it if I got in. I wondered if I would be able to come anywhere close to how good they were. I wondered if this was what I really wanted. I wondered.

Running on repeat were these thoughts as the waiting continued...8.15pm. It was just a few more people away to my turn. Oh the nerves. I was just so far away from auditioning. Said storm was at its zenith.

There was a kind of anguish, the kind which constricts your chest and clamps down hard on your heart. It was something that I have never felt before. Something was wrong. It sent the urge for me to run right in front of a car and get it over and done with. Wrenching. Yes, that's the word. A forceful tug, except that the "forceful" would be as weak as how the size of Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas put together, is compared to the size of Singapore.

Then, I ran away...

I left together with LiNing. Couldn't join them for dinner though, so I took a bus on my own to central and had a pleasant time with GuHuai and Denny as we chat over supper. Wanted to watch a movie but alas the day, the timings were unearthly. Instead, we walked around for a bit while playing with the notion of have a few games of pool which we eventually dismissed no thanks to the lack of avalible pool tables. We then headed home for well-deserved rest.


And for the once in a very very very VERY long time, I felt happy. I felt TRULY happy. It was the usual case of no-amount-of-words-can-describe-it. I felt light, like a heavy burden had been lifted off me, and for the next 2 days, I was abnormally happy. Like strangely happy...

It was the end of said storm. And there was peace.

Infinite thanks to MsMok, MdmCheam and MsBalan for your continuous help and unending support.

12:00 am

Tuesday, March 06, 2007
100th Post! SURPRISE!

Truth be told, it isn't that fact that I've been extremely busy lately, such that I don't have the time for my 100th post but just that I've been putting it off due to a bad case of "the laze". But anyway, any idea what this is? ----

Oh the excitement! Can hardly contain it. No, really.


What you are looking at is the very 1st picture in my blog. EVER!


Oh right. That's me being sexy by the way.

If you were thinking "THAT'S ALL?!" Well then, I have yet another surprise for you! Here goes-----

Now that's me being sexy. AGAIN!

To whoever said he was bringing sexy back, sexy never went away.

8:55 pm