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Monday, April 30, 2007
Happy Birthday

So. Happy birthday to May! And Linda! One year older and hopefully, one year wiser. =D

We had an outing today, a birthday celebration yeah? Had dinner at Sizzler's which rocked. If you hate salads, you should try their salad bar, which totally rocks. And the soup, the mushroom soup, if you love fungus soup, you'd love theirs. Following which, we wanted to catch a movie but alas, NightmareDetective's M18.

Instead, we headed for the arcade at J8, where May and LiNing won enough sweets to drown someone in and stuffed toys that were not-so-cute, but fluffy. Fluffy beats no-so-cute.

I swear, the next time we're there I'm so going to buy myself the SanGoKuShiTaiSen starter pack and user ID card. And there was this guy who was damned good, it was like "BAM! BAM!" and he won the match, in less than a second. h3 i5 t3h L33t00R5. Plus, he throws away cards of which I managed to get hold of. One of the three I saw him throw anyway. One went to Jonadab and the other to this strange kid that went around the entire arcade pressing the "coin eject" button probably in hopes of getting a free game or two.

Anyway, despite it not being a special occasion of any sort, watch out for the next post. Something special. MORE SEXY PICTURES OF ME!

P.S - And May san, this is so old, but congrats on surviving your 16th brithday and making it to your 17th. Remember our promise yeah? =D

1:26 am

Friday, April 27, 2007
Oh Life, Thou Art Biast II

You know life is biased when

You leave the people whom you have been working for for more than 6 years just to get married back home to someone you don't love.

You drag your ass back there only to have the wedding get called off by the very person who wanted to you get married in the first place, and it ain't some random stranger, it's your MOM. Instead, she wants you to marry some rich, old, dying, geezer who has not-so-occasional spasms.

You could run away, it's an option. If only your mom hadn't already locked you in the house and possibly taken away everything that you would need to get away.

To top things off, your employer can't do anything to get you out because they already employed someone new and has a contract with this new employee for the next 2 years.

That's the predicament my previous domestic helper is in.


5:26 pm

Tuesday, April 24, 2007
Of Links II

I figured it's stupid so I've decided. Instead of waiting for people to tag, I shall put them links of blogs that update regularly.


8:16 pm

Friday, April 20, 2007
Camp Radical

It all starts with yours truly trudging his way to school. Takes an hour and a half to get my ass there. And I'd have to admit, it's been forever since I've woken up at such an, seemingly, ungodly hour. The time I awoke was the time I've been been going to sleep ever since I stopped working.

Day1, Tuesday

Arrived in school round 8.30am? I wasn't really sure how long it would take me to get there so I figured I'd rather be early than late. [Duh?] Met up with Jill and YuYan after they arrived. Stood around waiting for further instructions and for entertainment to keep our friend Boredom at bay, there were seniors cheering all around us.

What's-her-name, as it appears, is in design as well. Right, Rahimah. She now sports a moehawk and though perspiring profusely, she continused to sit under the sun. Smart much. Either she was really tired and desperatedly need to rest her legs or she mistook sunlight for limelight.

Moving on, it was at this point that I got to meet Christine, a friend of Nat whom Jill met during one of her churh's events. Was estatic after finding out that she was in the same course as me. A fellow course mate! On the first day! And the first friend I made! It's like a triple whammy.

As it turned out, it took a million years before everyone could get registered, no thanks to an evident lack of planning. Okay, maybe the lack of space played a big part as well but whatever.

With everything done, we freshies, as the seniors like to call us, were whisked away to the auditorium where cheers were forced upon us in a attempt to get us all hyped-up and stuff. I swear, it felt like forever in there. Kept checking my watch while willing time to pass quickly but alas, 2 minutes seemed like a light year.

It's like the what's-it-called song...Right, Unchained Melody.
-And time goes by so slowly, and time can do so much~~

Yeah, at that point in time, the only thing it did was making my jaw sink lower and lower by the second. Okay, that and bringing whatever little IQ I have right down into the negatives.

Moving on, the director of TP's Design school, Mosese gave a talk. It was a long one, 1 hour and 45 minutes to be exact but it was entertaining, mainly because he was really funny, though really agressive as well. The whole talk was just filled with digressions and if they where removed, it would have taken him what? 10 minutes? 15 caps.

Apparently, in poly, we don't call our lecturers MrX/MsX/MrsX/MdmX. We call them by name. So every time we answer Moses's questions we go "Yes Moses" which makes it sound as though we were speaking to THE Moses and if anything went wrong, he would call forth something horrible upon us. Was half expecting him to part the BedokReservior but that didn't happen.

Anyway, it was followed by games of which I had zero interest in. Started with run of the mill icebreakers. Then lunch, followed by a brainstorming session which was a REAL eye opener. Our empire was Vader and sub-empire, Vader[T] so we had to come up with a name starting with T [no shit]. Names such as toilet, toothbrush, toothpaste, teletubies etc were thrown out. I was shell-shocked, so much so that I stood there, my flabber? Gasted. They settled on Toilet. Seriously? No comments.

Well, it was changed later, possibly to my greatest relief, to Twiggy! Yay! Thanks to Sheryl. Seriously, smart much. Was thinking "Why not Tyra?" but Twiggy rocks anyhow.

Next? More games, outdoor games. So being the evil me, I prayed for rain and true enough, rain came shortly after and the seniors had no choice but to throw us back into the prison that is the auditorium, where we were taught some hand signals to some TP song. No idea if that's the school school song though. In any case, anything's better than games.

That lasted for quite a bit and after what seemed like an enternity, they decided to let us go. I never felt such relief in my life. Okay, overstatement, scrap that. I haven't felt such relief ever since I got my O Level results back. Right. It was like I was freed from something akin to a torture chamber.

I felt so drained, mentally, emotionally, physically etc. And there was this emptiness in me that I've never experienced before like my very soul was sucked out.

Oh well.

Day2, Wednesday

Reached school REAL early. So I thought I was going to be late when I woke up so I decided to cab to school. Since it was rush hour, I was sort of expecting long queues and a complete lack of cabs but as it turned out, I was wrong. Was wondering why it was so till I got on the cab and saw that the $2 surcharge had already kicked in.

Not surprisingly, though there was an excess of cabs, there was a massive jam on the expressways. It happened that we were in the same lane as an obviously undecisive driver who couldn't well, decide, if he wanted to change lane or not. Either that, or he just didn't have the guts to change lanes which really makes you wonder why he was even granted his license in the first place. As a direct result of his indecisiveness, it allowed for other cars to cut into our lane which really didn't help with the jam at all.

The driver eventually cracked and started sprouting vulgarities in dialect of which I completely didn't understand. So when his sentences ended in a raised pitch, I assumed he was directing questions at me so I just went "Haha" in very half-assed manners.

$16. That's what it cost me. Vulgarities, and lots of time to kill. I could have done it for free, but whatever.

I can't really recall every single thing we did but it was quited a relaxed day compared to the day before. Sat around playing games and the like, followed by brainstorming for a perfomance item and a design for our flag, both of which revovled around our group name, Twiggy. Our performance was a model show sort of thing like ANTM and our flag's a picture of Twiggy.

Then it was lunch. We were sent to out caregroups to have lunch with our care leaders. But when I finally out the room I was supposed to go to, there wasn't anyone there. Same thing for Enn. So we were told to have lunch together at the Design canteen where I got to know a few friends. Really cheerful people, and I would mention their names if only I could remember them. When lunch was done, we went up to their bunks and so happened, a care group came in and it was for VSC. So I joined them even though I wasn't sure if they were the right group. Oh well.

Then there was a human table soccer match.

It was at this point that I talked to Joleen. Think we clicked quite well. And it was the first time I was talking as myself and not through the guy I didn't like. At all.

The day ended for me after the treasure hunt, which was really screwed up cause all the clues were placed at all the wrong places. And because I didn't stay over, I left when they headed for Sentosa. Apparently, quite a bit happened there. They weren't all good but it was fuel for more conversation the next day.

The Next Day

Day3, Thursday

Pretty much a slow day, with nothing much going on compared to the first day. Probably so cause everyone was shagged after coming back at 4am the day before.

Had mass dance in the morning, which was quite fun, got to know Lina and a few others better. Got partnered up with Lina which wasn't bad at all. Gossiped a lot.

After which, our really nice sub-empire heads bought lunch for us. McDonalds.

Then it was to the auditorium for more cheers and stuff. The whole session was led by some alumni. It was all for the Final Clash that was coming up and like before, it was quite painful. Not surprisingly, it came as a relief when we were sent to meet our lecturers. All the lectures of VSC gave a small talk about what he/she will be teaching. Introductions and stuff.

Pretty much the end of the day for me, the rest still had performance day to go through.

Last Day, Friday

The last day! Was gearing up to get it over and done with. Reached school early. Everyone had just gotten up and were just going for breakfast so I followed the guys to Cheers located in the Business block which I realised, is far. Like far. Very far. While walking through the school, Farhan and KS were doing the Business tei cheer and I was so afraid we wouldn't make it out alive but evidently, we did.

Gathered for games and the like. All of us got camo-paint thing to make us look fierce or something to that effect and it was really fun to see how people painted their faces some by themselves others for each other. Quite cool.

With our faces coloured, we were dismissed for lunch. Joey, Joleen, Lina, Christine and I headed for Cheers thinking maybe we could get lunch there. Cup noodles were on my mind, but alas, it was packed with students, design students. Practically everyone was colour-coded. Each school has their own shirt, Design's being a dark turquoise of sorts. Fancy design students going, "dark green". If my memory serves me right, AS[AppliedScience] had shirts that were reseda [go search that up], an aubergine shade for Engineering, bright yellow for Business and dark ultramarine for IT. I think... So, it was really easy to tell the Cheers was packed with students from Design school. Had drinks, that's all.

Moving on, we gathered for a little talk by Moses. He had us write down what we wanted to acheive by the end of the first year. A stunt that didn't surprise me. What I was thinking was that after we wrote them down, he would have us keep them and then at the end of the year, we'd have to remember to open them letters to see if we had done them. What surprised me was that he collected them instead of just leaving it with us. Cool.

Okay, so I'm not sure bout the chronology, if we had lunch first or the talk first but whatever. Let's just move on.


Moved to the stadium for part one of the FinalClash. It was like a poly version of SportsDay, except most of the events were games. Being the smallest school, we were allocated the least space, space enough for approximately 2 hippopotamuses. We were literally shoulder to shoulder. Pretty much sucked. Everyone was perspiring so it wasn't a surprise that it was humid. Any more humid and I would have drowned.

Jo was nodding off half of the time while the other half was spent standing and sitting standing and sitting. Every time there was a cheer, someone would go mental and start screaming "STAND UP! STAND UP! LOUDER!" Gosh, the last time I saw such enthusiasm was when currypuffs were going for 50cents at OldChangKee. I joined in anyhow, though with not as much zest. Moved to BedokReservior for the Regatta after that, where lots of cheers, shouting, dancing and whatnot ensured. At the end of it all, Design school won Best Spirited, exactly what Moses wanted.

Strolled back to school where we were debriefed by the seniors and Moses. He ended his speech by telling us how its customary that the freshies group hugged. So we gathered in the center though many of us already knew something was going to happen. Was standing with Jo, Lina and Joey intially and they conspired, so to say, to run away. Jo and Joey made it out but alas, Lina and I were pushed back into the center by those oblivious to what was going to happen next.

Then it happened, water came pouring down by the gallons, drowing many of us. The water stinked, smelt of vomit. It was really stupid of them so pull a stunt like this. They never considered that there were people who didn't have spare clothes with them, ie. me, and that some people stayed real far from TP, ie. me and that some of us had electronic devices in our pockets ie. me. Couldn't sprout vulgarities. Gahhh.

Shared a cab with Jo simply cause I had no choice, I was completely soaked. Tsk. And the LTA should seriously do something about the lack of cabs in within a 100 miles of TP. It took forever to get a cab. Some smartass blatantly cut our queue and hopped on our cab. We where like "What the [expletive deleted]!" Some people. To think we were pitying him cause we thought we'd get a cab first. Blegh.

Judging by the way I've been talking about CampRad, you'd think it sucked. Acutally, it did quite a bit but that's isn't the point. The point is, though I'd never thought I'd say this, it was actually fun and I enjoyed it for the most of it. Come to think of it, I actually LIKED the "chicken wings up" cheer. Don't say nothing.

What started out as an obligation turned out to be not-so-obligation-ish and I wouldn't care less if they told me I didn't fulfill my APEL or if I found out that those who didn't attend got the credit...Okay, I would. In fact, I'd blow up so bad Hiroshima would be thankful that they got FatMama, or whatever it was called that ended WWII, instead.

Though I wouldn't attend the camp if you told me it wouldn't the affect fulfillment of APEL or if I would still get the damned credit if I didn't go, I would if you told me about the friends I'd make if I went. All of which would be quite impossible seeing how nobody really knows and as Moses puts it, hindsight is always better than foresight. Or whatever it was that he said.


Our flag! How cool's that?

Human table soccer.

Human table soccer too. Yay puns!

Twiggies with GL, Eunice. The one with the dyed hair? She's hawt larh.

"Let my people go!"


Before group hug.

After group hug.

More here. Save for the first 2 photos, all others credited there as well.

One word: ROXXORS! If that's even a word.

Lina: Hey Sherwin!
Me: Hey what?
Lina: Introduce yourself!
Me: No way!
Lina: Introduce yourself!Me: Okay...
1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
Hi I'm Sherwin, I say "Hi"!
6, 7, 8 , 9, 10,
Back it up and meet my friend,
Hey Lina!


A game brought to you by Lina. For more enquires on how to go about doing this, ask me! Or her. Haha.

11:56 pm

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Life, or the lackthereof, at TP will be starting tomorrow, ie. a few minutes away. I was intially looking forward to it, well, a little anyway, but alas how the tide has turned.

It was a nice day, yes it was, till two seniors from TP stepped up at my door the other day, telling me how there will be a camp thing starting tomorrow.

Point: The author, ie. me, doesn't like orientations.

Point: The author, ie. me, doesn't like camps.


I brood a lot, and I fear this will be the last time you will be hearing from me and the last time I will have the sweet satisfaction of hitting the PUBLISH button. Wish me luck cause at this point, I sure need all the luck I can get.

11:54 pm

Of Links

In a desperate attempt to garner tags on my tagbox To prevent whatever little redaership I have from dropping further, I have removed all links from my blog! It gets on my nerves when I click on a link only to find that the last entry's dated BC2000.

So...If you want your link up again, drop me a tag and it shall be done.

Disclaimer, this is actually just a stupid ruse to see who reads my blog.

9:16 pm

Saturday, April 14, 2007
Random Thoughts XIII


Sorry, I just had to do that.

2:07 am

Monday, April 09, 2007
Good Friday, Nameless Saturday And Easter Bunny Sunday

Good Friday

So we commemorated Good Friday on well, Friday. I for one feel that Good Friday shouldn't be called as so simply cause TGIF exists. It's like, every Friday is good so technically all Fridays are Good Fridays. Instead, it should be Holy Friday or The-Day-Jesus-Christ-Died-For-Our-Sins Friday or Jesus's Friday or His Friday or instead of "Thank God it's Friday" it should be "Thank God for this Friday" so it would be TGFTF rather than TGIF. Of course, TGFTF can only be used on Good Friday.

And by the way, one COMMEMORATES Good Friday. You don't celebrate when someone as important as The Saviour of the World dies. Okay, maybe you would seeing how it saved us and all but you can celebrate all you want on Easter Sunday. Suppose a little mourning for the death of someone important wouldn't kill. Maybe it will when tears cause a flood but that's a story for another day.

Three Ellen DeGeneres cheers for digression! KAKAKAKAKA! 3

To the point!

Went out with May and Linda just before service on Friday and watched The Reaping right after having lunch at SecretRecipe. It was a really confusing show which left us asking a very fundamental question even at the end: "So...Was Loren good or evil?" It's like watching a HarryPotter potter moive and asking if Harry's good or evil. So maybe is was our fault that we didn't catch the last few sentences that we all think is the crux to understanding the whole story but Father Costigan[Stephen Rea] was mumbling! Surely 4 pairs of ears, including ZhiMing's who has also watched it, would have caught what he was saying if he wasn't mumbling.

One would also think the 10 Biblical Plagues of Egypt would play the most important role in the show seeing how practically all the advertisements advocate them as being the crux of the show and how God channels His wrath through them. Yet, it only takes up less than 15 minutes of screen time which translates as less than 15.625% of the entire show. But whatever.

And I think Loren [AnnaSophia Robb] looks like a cross between DakotaFanning and ScarlettJohansson. She's preeeetty.





Anyhow, our outing was followed by Good Friday service at UncleD's house. Was like normal service except we weren't in church. Followed by acrade! With ZhiMing, HweeSheng and Melloo. May wasn't there for service and arcade though, she had to go home.

Nameless Saturday

Went back to TA for YI. Had quite a lot of fun. It was good to see everyone again though there were new faces. Played games, listened to a message, worshipped, had dinner, the usual nine yards. Games were fun, had to think quite a bit about the strategy but who likes mindless games anyway? Oh right. I do. Not always though. Okay, maybe quite a bit...GAHH! Whatever.

From the C to the R to the A-Z-Y, Hannah's CRAZY! Like completely mental. I used to think her demure, quiet and the like. But alas, she's not. Craziness in a good and fun way though. Haha.


Easter Sunday was spent at ToaPaYoh park right from 7.30am. Had sunrise service there though by the time I reached [I was the earliest], the sun had risen already. Oh well. Had service, played games etc etc.

Games meaning sports which I'm not really fond of due to certain reasons that I have no wish to elaborate upon. Sadly, the reason was in play, no puns intended. I tried harder than I normally would but I suppose, maybe, it wasn't enough. Either that or I just wasn't good enough. DON'T CARE ANYMORE. Used to it anyhow.

Lunched at KouFu at the hub followed up by a visit to the library then LAN gaming at some LAN shop [well duh?] which required us to be members which I felt was stupid. It appears they belong to some club and have to be accountable for the peoples inside and if caught without membership, the person will be fined $400, if i remember correctly, and I ask, how often does that happen?

Oh well. Happy days. School's starting next week and frankly, I can't wati for it to start. I'm dreading school already. Ahhh...Irony, Misery's best friend.

How do I know what's real?

12:58 am

Tuesday, April 03, 2007
Random Thoughts XII

Milk: I'm good for you.

Calcium Supplement: Oh yeah?

Milk: Yeah.

Calcium Supplement: Hmm..How so?

Milk: I give people strong bones and teeth.

Calcium Supplement: Yeah? So do I.

Milk: But I'm still better than you.

Calcium Supplement: Damned straight. You're cheaper than me, expire earlier, make people fat, cause allergic reactions to many people. What do I have to compare with you?

Milk: Look on the bright side...Erm...You cause stones.

Calcium Supplement:....

Moral of the story: Milk can't handle sarcasm.

11:23 pm

Monday, April 02, 2007
The Point System Of Life

Nat and I were chatting online when he suddenly spoke of a point system that everyone has. Well, metaphorically anyway. But it's very valid.

Right from the horse's mouth the man, here it is:

"I think God gave each of us a certain amount of points to spend on people, and it varies with everyone. It's up to us who we want to give it to, and the theoratical maximum would be 100 for the number of points you give to a friend. Note that 100 points does not necessarily mean love, it could also mean best friend status. Although it would be a different kind of love then, friendship lovey dovey stuff. So yup..

When you find you run out of points, and say you meet some one new, subconciously, the points you gave to someone in the past would be placed here instead. I do believe it really is possible for a person to have a finite number of friends. I mean, friends you keep in touch with because, everyone can have just so much time."

It's thought provoking, ain't it?

Interesting enough to note, we toyed around with that "theory" and eventually came to a conclusion, based on what we see in reality, that the number of points a person can give varies. As such, I can have a 1 000 points yet you can have 1 000 000 points to give and maybe someone unfortunately enough, or fortuantely enough as some might promptly add, may just have 10 points. But no matter, for having only so much would surely mean that this person would have a few very close friends. Either that or maybe no friends at all

To add on, the maximum number of points you can give to someone would be capped at a certain point. Say you give 10 points to A and 5 points to B, but that isn't your fault, or rather, A or B's faults because that's as much as you can give to the person/ that's as much as they can receive. It's like how a 500ml bottle can hold 500ml of water and a 1 liter bottle can hold 1 liter.

Then there are other factors such as the retainability of points a person has. Similar to the above analogy, there are holes in the bottles and slowly, but surely, the water will leak. It's as how the points will drain away as time goes by. And the problem is, the number of holes varies.

Bottle A [A]'s maximum number of points might be 10, yet, there may be 10 holes in it, whereas Bottle B [B] might have only 1. Hence comapratively, A will lose water at a faster rate than B will, obviously. Likewise, A's points might just decrease faster than B's. Though you have given A more points, A will lose it faster than B will. B will end up with more points than A eventually.

But no fear, for the points can be replaced just as water can be poured into a leaking bottle. Points can therefore, be mantained if the person pouring the water makes a conscious effort to continue doing so. It helps if the person doing so doesn't forget about the bottles and also actually bother to mantain the level of water. On the other hand, the bottle must, as strange as it sounds, try its best to retain as much water as possible as well. Takes more than a hand to clap no? [Wonder why people say it takes two hands to clap when you can clap by slapping your hand against your ass.]

Having to keep at bottle filled requires a hell lot of work, such as collecting the water that leaks and pouring it back into the bottle. Afterall, based on the points system, a person can only have so many points. In other words, should A lose the points given to him/her, the person who gave the points will get them back and "recycle" it. And sometimes, the rate of refilling drops. Perhaps due to the fatigue the water bearer works up, leading to a lost of will to continue. Maybe worse - the person just can't be bothered anymore.

So what happens when the water bearer fails to replace the water?

All the water will drain away lorh. Simple. Well...You could try investing the points again but that'll take time. Yet, for the points to have drained away thus far surely it indicates the person's nonchalance towards that person.

On a brighter note, it is logically possible to run out of water, by having many bottles of course. And also, it came to us that both logically and technically possible that a certain bottle would be able to retain more than its stated capacity. However, this only happens when a special someone's pouring the water. Hence comes about love between spouses.

Well, at least that's what we think. I suppose we would have a lot more to say if we were to think about it, but that has yet to happen. More where this comes from.

The Point System Of Life. What says you?

8:20 pm

Sunday, April 01, 2007
The Helper

This is going to sound strange, but I miss my maid. Yeah. She has been with us for over 6 years already. And suddenly she's gone. There's like someone missing from in house.

I wanted to wake up early today to send her off but I overslept and when I woke up, it was like, 12 plus, nearing 1. So now I'm feeling slightly guilty for not evern saying "bye" to her. I feel sad when I think of the fact that I will probably never see her again. For some strange reason.

I'm so evil...

Remember complaining about how she's slow and stuff, I suppose it's is but human nature to take things for granted. Compounded by the fact that she really cares about us. She took the intiative to make, in bahasa indonesia, a small booklet for the new maid our idiosyncrasies and how the family likes things done etc.

Now my mum comes into the room to tell us that she discovered she doesn't really know how Poniah [her name] actually does things around the house. It makes things worse.

You know, it's really strange cause I keep thinking that I'm actually quite apathetic but right now, I'm trying not to cry... It makes me sad that I'm going to say "thank you auntie" and that there's not going to be a reply. It's upsetting that things won't be done the same anymore, that it wouldn't be the same irritating voice that wakes me up in the morning asking if I want lunch.

I pray that she adapts well back home. Though it sounds ironic, my mum told me she couldn't wait to come back here when she went back to visit last year. She's getting married, to whom I don't know, but I sure hope he's rich and nice of course. Pray that everything works out well for her.


Thank you auntie.

7:33 pm