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Thursday, September 21, 2006
Mental Conditioning

"If you keep telling your child that he is stupid, he will become stupid."

I believe that many have heard this before or comments to such extend, especially if you're a parent. This is known as mental conditioning. No, this is not to be confused with brainwashing or propaganda-:

"Mental conditioning is not the same as brainwashing and propaganda, although both of which could be treated as sub-types. In most cases, brainwashing and propaganda are used to impress or induce a particular pattern of thinking, belief system in the individual(s) who are subjected to it." - Wikipedia

"Mental conditioning is the process through which the mind is induced to adopt certain mental patterns, tendencies and/or mental states. Mental conditioning may be attributable to several causes - mass media, society, peers, parents etc. All of these may directly or indirectly create mental conditioning." - Wikipedia

For example, say you're a parent. You live in a lovely house with the greatest spouse you can ask for. But that's besides the point. Your children (let's assume they're girls) are so perfect, that you suspect they're actually angels in disguise. So right from as long back as you can remember, you have been calling them your "angels".

This however, was a big mistake, which you will soon realise. Soon, but still a tad too late.

They grow up thinking they're angels. You tell them stories of how angels are perfect just like them, of how they have white flow-y dresses and beautiful wings. On their 10th birthday, (let's assume, once again, that they're twins) you got them lovely dresses made of authentic chinese silk and wings made of real goose feathers. You thought they looked great, and so did they.

They smile for the camera. You take a shot. Then, they tell you they have a surprise for you. A performance! "Wow!" You think. "Giving me a performance though it's their birthday. How perfect can my angels get?"

The next time you see them, they're high atop a building. No, not a high one. Just 3 stories. They shout in unison, "Look at us fly!" And they jump off the building, thinking that they were REAL angels. But alas, they were'nt.

3 stories. Not to high, yet not low enough. They fell flat on their faces. Smashed themselves to smittereens they did.

And you mourn.


You realise that it is all your fault. That you were the one who gave them the misconception that they had wings and that they could fly.

And you blame yourself.


Thus ends the story.

Mental conditioning. Harmless, or so you thought.

The point I'm trying to put across is, don't put ideas into peoples' heads by constantly telling them they're stupid/smart/pretty/ugly/ etc etc. The most important thing is to not tell them what they're not. That's the crucial part.For eventually, they WILL become what you have said they were. And for all you know, you'll live to regret it.


Another post made possible by: Wikipedia

More reading here:

Now, off to telling myself I'm smart and I've got all the facts I need for tomorrow's examination in my head my studying.

Damned I really need to start bucking up an my mental conditioning studies.

9:30 pm

Monday, September 18, 2006
My Mother

I love my mother!


That says it all.

9:14 pm

Thursday, September 14, 2006
The Thing About Blogs Bloggers II

After much prodding, I have decided to post an entry. Here's how things went.

Today, I woke up. I went to the toilet after turning on my room lights, which sort of woke my brother up. He was very irritated. Then, I brushed my teeth, washed my face, did the things a person does when he/she wakes up and then, I left the toilet and switched off the toilet lights.

I walked out and laid on the sofa. Was feeling very lethagic. Felt like sleeping again. But I couldn't because there was school today. So I trudged my way down and I saw Thomas and gang. He waved to me but I thought he was waving to someone else, so I turned around to see if there was anyone else he could have been waving to but there was no one. So when I approached him, he smacked me and was like "I waving to you lah." Lol. Then talk talk talk then bus come. 265, non-air-conditioned. Thomas didn't want to take the bus thus we took the next bus, 268, air-conditioned.

Then we reached school. Had a very normal day. Had biology lessons for the first period, then MsBalan came in to take us for Literature. Many of us didn't do our work, so she forced us to finish them before she would move on. So we spent the whole period doing literature homework that was supposed to be done at home. Then the bell rang. Next lesson was maths. Very fun because MrFam not teaching and we get to do our own stuff. Then was recess.

During recess, we ate. I had salted egg, fishcake, mutton curry, chili and rice from the Malay food store. Very nice.

Then we went back to class for more lessons. Chemistry was boring. Then had two more periods of literature again. Had a lot of fun because we were working in groups. Then we were asked to come up with 15 questions regarding the text, 12th Night. Very funny because we cracked lots of jokes. Damned fun. Time passed really fast and it was soon the last period. MrsEss took over because MrsSelva had lost her voice. Had quite a interesting lesson.

Then the bell rang, and we went outside to by lunch. Ice-cream. Then we ate in class and then OMHan came and told us not to do it again. Oh, I forgot, it was also raining. So we had chemistry remedials. Ended at 3.30pm and then I came home. Took bus 165.

Then come home lazed around. Played some online games, then had dinner. And now, I'm blogging. Tomorrow is a Friday. Got P.E, will be quite a boring day. Thinking of playing hooky. But nevermind, O levels coming soon. Must go to school.

Okay. Now, I must go le. Very tired. Blog tomorrow again.

I blogged. And I have no [expletive deleted] idea how some people can actually do this continuously. Goodness. I noticed how many people actually blog like this. From the smallest events like brushing their teeth to big things like eating lunch. They must really have an exciting life. So much to blog about, so much to share. And it sometimes makes me wonder how much brain capacity they have, seeing that they have so much to remember. It took me an entire hour to remember what I did today, and it's just for today alone. Imagine doing the same thing everyday. I'd go bonkers.

So I tell you, if I ever start blogging like this, kill me.

Okay, I admit that I do blog similarly to this, but only 5% of this really . The point I'm trying to put across is that we really should be discerning about what we put up, not anything and everything. And when we really do have to, at least condense it. Put the really interesting and important things up.

I mean, people wouldn't want to read about what you had for lunch? Unless of course you have humans for lunch, which would make it REALLY interesting. Neither do they want to know if you had brushed your teeth in the morning or not. They don't really care. Unless of course, you swallowed your toothbrush while doing so.

What readers REALLY want to know is whether you were knocked down by a car, got pulverised by a bear, got impaled by pipes while a truck was reversing or if you helped to save a unfortunate sheep which had gotten itself stuck in the gullet of a huge snake. Nobody really cares if you had crossed a road safely and made it across one piece or walked passed a truck.

The next time you blog, think about this. Make the right choice, post the right entry, make things interesting. Post about how you got attacked by bees, and not about how you saw a bee. And it will ensure that your readers stay loyal and new ones join the others in worhsipping you and your blog.

Sheesh. This sounds like some cheesy political campaign. But rest assured, this is actually a conspiracy to goth-tify the world, by making them post sadistic happenings isn't.

6:28 pm

Monday, September 04, 2006

Meet my companion, LILY! She's my IpodNano. Don't ask. I just thought that it'd be appropriate, since I go everywhere with her, to give her a name. And she's named after my favorite singer...LILY ALLEN!

Garene says she wants to dissect Lily but I tell you, even if you do, I'd get myself another one. And I'll name her Allen. So there. Hah.

11:05 pm

A Tribute...

This entry is dedicated to Steve Irwin, the hugely popular Australian television personality and conservationist known as the "Crocodile Hunter".

He has never been a personal favorite, neither will he ever be for that matter, seeing that he's no longer around. Come to think of it, I used to curse at his shows. "Oh right. And I'm sure we'd like to watch crocodiles rip flesh off bones than to see the Powerpuff Girls trash Mojo Jojo's ass."

Nonetheless, he still deserves this. The tribute I mean, not dying. And if I had it my way, he would have been the recipient of a Nobel Prize. But alas! I don't.

Though somehow, the situation's quite ironic really. He was like a great conservationist that had close encounters with various monsters life-endangering animals and could have died getting chewed to bits by gigantic crocodiles.

But no. He died in an accident. Got stung by a stingray he did. How unfortunate.(Not meant to be sarcastic.) It did perforate his heart though, so I suppose he wouldn't have made it any longer than he already did.

Now, I will use this situation to illustrate the irony -

During World War II, there was a brave, patriotic, young man. He fought valiantly for his country. He survived through it all, sharpnels, bombs, guns, tanks and the whole shebang. The war ended. He lived.

In celebration for their country's victory, he held a feast and invited all the soldiers he had come to know so well. So, he was running to and fro, entertaining the guests when Death descended upon him...

He tripped. Rolled down the stairs he did. Didn't survive. He lived through the war-machines that sought his life and so many other's but not THE STAIRS. Yes, THE STAIRS.

Simply ironic really.

Nonetheless, we should all now bow our heads in silence for a minute in honour of our beloved departed, Sterve Irwin. Also, in commemoration of his passing, put a turtle in your MSN nicknames. [Use (TU). In case you didn't know.]

More information here:Yahoo!News

10:16 pm