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Friday, March 31, 2006
Falling Sick

Argghhhh! It's been quite a week for me. Been falling sick too often, with headaches and diarrhoea. And the mother of all illnesses, A PIMPLE! Doesn't sound fantastic when it come from a guy now does it. But it's the truth! Goodness.

But I'm not the only one falling sick. Everyone around me is falling sick. Both figaratively and metaphorically. Certain people [no names going to be mentioned] have fallen, and are still falling, deeply in love. No, not for others, but themselves. They have fallen so deep into the abyss that they are beyond redemption of any sort. It is amazing isn't it? How certain people manage to find so much energy to hate others, yet at the same time, have an infinite amount of love for themselves.

I am definitely sure, that for someone like myself, it is undeniably possible for me to lose EVERY SINGLE ONE of my friends and still continue to live a normal life. However, I have no desire for such a thing to happen, and to ensure that such a misfortune would not befall upon me, I try my best not to step on other people's toes, or tails for that matter.

However, much can be said for this bunch of people. I am positively sure that every single one of them in their clique would never be able to survive on their own. I draw evidence from the fact that every time they fall out of their clique, they seek solace in other friends. Friends that they talk about, behind their backs, friends that they claim they dislike, or in servre cases, hate. Friends that they would only use as "spare tires", and only take them out when their current ''tires'' fail them.

This bunch of people wail and whine about how everyone hates them. I find no fault in that. Even I do that myself, not rarely, but often enough to make my friends tired of my inane comments. They do that too. But the difference is, I don't just wail and whine, I try my best to salvage the situation. They on the other hand, just continue to dish out hate from their endless pool, and inflict it upon whatever friends they have left. And at the same time, find that extra energy to draw love, from an endless supply as well, to love themselves. This obviously, does nothing to save them from the predicament they are in.

Then there's the problem of them basking in their own adulation. Not for a minute, not for an hour, but 24/7. They think they are so high and mighty, and everyone, EVERYONE, is inferior to them, and no matter what the circumstance, they would alwasy be better. But this is the truth. THEY. ARE. NOT. And I say this to them. YOU. ARE. ALL. NOT. Know your place and your standing. Don't push it. One fine day, someone is going to lose it and tell you straight in your faces. YOU. ARE. ALL. NOT. WHO. YOU. THINK. YOU ARE.

But they would never, NEVER, feel hurt, for they think too highly of themselves, and they are too sick of self-love.

7:45 pm

Friday, March 24, 2006
Not To Be Alone

Not to be alone

We get a dog

Surround us with roses

Or worship a cross

Not to be alone

We believe in fairy tales

Are fond of memories

A shadow, anything will do

Not to be alone

We long for spring

And when it's over

We long for the next

Not be alone

I love and wait

It makes me believe

That I'm not alone

Not to be alone

Not to be alone

Girls like girls

And boys like other boys

Not to be alone

Others have children

Children who are alone

Just like other children

Not to be alone

We build cathedrals

Where all lonely souls

Hold on to a star

Not to be alone

I love and wait

It makes me believe

That I'm not alone

Not to be alone

We make friends

We meet them on those difficult nights

We live for our money, our dreams and our palaces

But we will never make our coffins in two places

Not to be alone

I live with you

I'm lonely with you

You're lonely with me

Not to be alone

We live like this which makes us believe

We're not alone

11:12 pm

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Deadline for March holidays : Tomorrow
Current status: Sunday, 10:07pm, March 19th '06

Deadline for holiday homework : Tomorrow
Current staus: Unfinished/untouched/undone

Deadline for 'O' Lelves : Soon
Current status: So near yet so far

Deadline for revision: Since forever
Current status: Under procrastination

Deadline for the end of play and start of work: Tomorrow
Current status: In preparation

Deadline for deadlines: Non-existant
Current status: Midst of non-existance

10:07 pm

Thursday, March 02, 2006
Back In More Ways Than One

I'm gravely ill. I have have contracted a deadly disease. I'm about to die soon, and before I do, I hope that I will be able to leave behind this blog as my legacy. One more thing, as my last wish, I hope to be able to see more people tagging my board. At least I'd have a few moments of joy.


I just thought I'd start on a heavier note this time. =)

In any case, as the title implies, as always, I'M BACK! After...err...err...A few, yes, a few weeks. Or was it months? Oh well. I just figured that since I had nothing to do, might as well post an entry. In other words, I' ve been quite busy the past few..err....days? Weeks? Months?

Amidst all the buzz and hoohahs, one main event that really overshadows the rest is the issue of Jianbin falling seriously ill. It's about as bad as it can get. His lung sorta collasped, and he has difficulty in breathing, and expirences pain every so often. Everyone who's reading this, please pray to God for a speedy recovery for him.

Despite all of this, he came back to school yesterday for a while. Yes, a while. Halfway through Chinese lessons, he started experiencing pain in his lung. I say, it must have been the Chinese! Too much got to him, and he could withstand no more. Poor soul. He had to return home, but he was in too much pain to even move. Eventually, we had no choice but to call for help. We called for a ambulance, but before that, the St.John's Brigade. Goodness. what are they teaching these cadets nowadays? They would have had absolutely no clue on what to do if the teacher were'nt there prompting them. And they took quite a long while before they reached the 4th storey, further more, they had someone else carry the stretcher for them. Goodness.

However, [always a however huh?] behind the scenes, there was much politics going on. Lots of hypocrisy. The masked put on their masks, while the unmasked sat and watched.

Before he fell ill, everyone was like " I dont want to talk to him" ,"I'm not close to him" , better still "who's he?". Nah, the latter was made up, but I can't say the same for the other 2.

So, Jianbin falls ill suddenly, gets admitted suddenly, and miraculously, everyone suddenly cares! How much more hypocritic can people get nowadays? People talked about visiting him and all, but alas, it was all talk and no action. And when he came back today, everyone, save myself and a few others, crowded around him, in hopes that they could make his breathing more difficult by using up all the oxygen surrounding him. Not in its literal sense, but if the hamster is still running on the wheel, then I'd expect that you'd be wise enough to get what I'm saying.

The reason why the few of us didn't seem to go with the flow was simple. We expected that he would to be able to see us for who we actually were, not only me and the 'rest' but all of us, and I certainly hope that he can tell apart the masked and the unmasked.

So here I am, back, posting entires, Jianbin's back and I am back with my cynical and nonsensical comments. And by the way, watch your backs! For many a times, the masked seem unmasked and the unmasked, masked. And sometimes, just sometimes, the unmasked seemed masked, but are unmasked.

11:29 pm