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Thursday, August 30, 2007
Hairy-ly Harrowing Subject

You know those days where you wake up, and the first thought that comes to mind is "DAMNED. Bad hair day." even before you look yourself in the mirror? It's kinda like a "I know it" thing and you don't even have to see it. It just, well, sucks. I get that everyday. Seriously.

Okay, so maybe sometimes it isn't that bad and there have been days where I wish the damned hair would stay the same for the rest of the day, which never does happen and will probably never.

Don't even get me started on the fact that I'm balding.

And I just got a haircut. Though it doesn't look like it. But I know the difference okay? It is after all MY hair. And frankly, I'm tempted to burn it. It's just so....BLAH. Like BLAH.

I want a change of hairstyle! Something RADICAL. Something completely DIFFERENT.

Though I'm faced with a few problems.

Firstly, I don't want to be like the rest. Like typical. But seriously, who the hell am I kidding? Come on, I'm a guy and there is only so much a guy can do to his hair before it looks like hairstyles everyone else has. And I'm pretty sure some guy out there has hair like mine.

Secondly, I have no wish of waking up an hour earlier than I absolutely have to just to style my hair. Which brings me to my third problem, I have completely no idea how to style my hair. I've had wash-and-wear hairstyles, if they're even called styles to begin with, since, well, FOREVER?

And being the creatures of habit that we are, I find, ironically, comfort in my flat and floppy hair that emits a certain vibe that causes turmoil within my inner pace circle thingy that eventually leads my thoughts to "BURNNNNNNNNNNNNN!" My point? I'm scared of change okay? I want it but I'm afraid. Like the last time I painted my nails black, that needed a few days before I got used to it afterwhich I got rid of due to my dad's head promptly popping off after I suggested the dying of my hair and got a "DON'T-DO-STUPID-THINGS-TO-BREAK-UP-THE-FAMILY" saga started. But while I had them, it was awfully surreal, like how they weren't my fingers.

Thinking back, the last time I had a "radical" change was when I was in Sec3, which resulted in a change of parting. WOW! Radical, I know. Tell me about it.

I really have no idea what to do with the clump of black stuff that lies atop this empty head of mine. If that clump of black stuff could make noises, it'd probably go "FLOP FLOP FLOP FLOP FLOP FLOP"

And did I mention I'm balding? To top that off, if it can even be done, I'm becoming retarded. I feel myself getting more and more stupider. See? Point proven. Maybe every strand of hair I lose, some of my intelligence, whatever little amount I have had to begin with, is lost as well.

Did I mention I was balding?

10:51 am

Monday, August 20, 2007
Eh. Update.

Heh. Have been busy with school since the last update hence the lack of updates.

Okay fine, there were times when I felt like blogging, but laziness, like always, got the better of me. Furthermore, I don’t get that satisfaction I used to get back in my secondary school days after I finish a post. It was pretty much that feeling that kept me blogging but now, it just feels like I’m blogging for the sake of blogging so that the date of the last post wouldn’t be B.C 1500.

So I’m not really making sense anymore but who cares?

I’ve seen blogs that are much worse than mine in all aspects. At least I try to put to use the last 17 plus years of English I have surprisingly managed to grasp. And I don’t have irritating players that can’t be paused or turned off cause I didn’t have enough cow sense, much less human sense or common sense, to NOT hide the player. It appears that it has never occurred to people like them that readers might not like the music and that it’s a major turnoff.

What’s sad is that sometimes, though rarely, they have a fair amount of interesting content, enough to keep me interested at least, and the music just completely destroys whatever content they have. So they might argue that it’s after all their blog and that I can jolly well take my displeasure elsewhere but its indisputable that the very reason people have blogs is so that people can read it, so by saying things such as “If you don’t like it, don’t read it” it really goes to shoe how many bloggers have completely missed the point of keeping a blog, either because they are retarded or because they really just want to waste whatever time they have updating a blog that NOBODY reads.

Sometimes I feel I’m doing just that save the irritating music and whatnot.

Okay. I’m not really making sense again. I have no idea at all where all of this is coming from but there’s a lot more where this is coming from.

Anyway, back to my life.

I realize that I often bite off more than I can chew and this is what exactly happened for the final assignment for 3DArtFundamentals. The assignment was to create a 1m lantern and I decided to make a “Chang E” lantern. And in conclusion, I should kill myself for birthing a monstrosity. Enough said.

Hypocrisy is a strange thing. It’s everywhere. It’s pervasiveness can only be matched by that of the numerous campaigns the gahmen has. Everyone is a hypocrite in one way or another and sometimes, I make myself sick.

I’ve been wanting to blog about this but laziness deters me so since I’m already here blogging, I should get it out of my system.

I’m proud of myself. I feel that I have changed a lot ever since I gained a certain amount of independence after a spat of unfortunate events which though being unfortunate in themselves, have granted me the chance to start over as a different me. Well, for one, I think that I have managed to overcome the inferiority complex I used to have back when I wasn’t so independent. So it comes back from time to time but it stays away for longer periods and when it does come, it is short-lived and I feel like I’m talking about me having menstruation. Right.

I’m also, as Joleen kindly points out, decisive. Something I wasn’t when I was, once again, less independent. This one scares me, but only because everything I buy now has become impulsive buys. If that doesn’t spell B-R-O-K-E, I don’t know what does. So maybe a car accident does but that broke refers to something else all together.

Channel5 is running CONAIR. For the humpteen time. It apparently doesn’t occur to them that absolutely nobody wants to watch a bunch of dudes on a plane trying to escape or whatnot.

We’re having DigitalEssentials now. Just ONE module in the morning, which leaves us a lot of free time in the afternoon to eat, drink and have wild sex do whatever we want. We all think it’s going to be fun but that’s just what we think. All of us went for DrawingEssentials thinking it would be fun and look what happened.

I should be going now before I start wailing that nobody understands me and all the angst bursts out in one beam and completely wrecks my room.

And remember kids, don’t bite off more than you can chew nor count your bleeding chicks before they hatch.

P.S – I’m looking for someone to help me with a new blogskin. Just a plain and simple one, similar to the current one. Just…newer. No images needed. Thanks in advance.

P.P.S – Please disregard the fore mentioned request cause it’s plain stupid and no one will help me do it. And this is not reverse-psychology . Okay. It is.

9:24 pm

Tuesday, August 07, 2007
A Mini Mutiny

Half the class had originally wanted to give Richard's lecture a skip. Well...He did say it was just consultation and nothing more. So he said. Having finally found seats, Chrystal received a call from Rina who said that Richard wanted us back in 15 minutes or face a terrible fate cause he had something important to say, which was apparently too important to be said over the phone. After 5 minutes of getting stuck in stasis about whether we should go back or not, we decided to go back anyway.

With an impending sense of doom we trudged our way back to from whence we just departed. So maybe I was the only one feeling like this but whatever. Well....If I were a lecturer, we would probably never pass the module ever. But that's just me.

It turns out this 'important' thing wasn't so important and got everyone kinda pissed cause we were hungry and what not.

Sitting there blanking out while he talked, I noticed something. His tone was kinda different in a way. And there was just something different about his mannerisms.

I had, for a moment, the strangest notion that maybe the lecturers are given a certain quota that they have to meet, like how many students they have to have during class. Maybe that's why he called us back. Which brings us back to why his tone and mannerisms changed. Perhaps he felt we didn't want to attend his class because of reasons related to that. Or maybe he finally realized he was being assholic and decided to turn over a new leaf. But in any case, it was just plain strange larh.

Whatever the case may be, I constantly remind myself that even lecturers are humans and have feelings too and that being people of lower authority, we should watch where the line is and keep it drawn there. Okay, I try to, but sometimes, I just really can't be bothered.


1:26 pm

Monday, August 06, 2007
Virgin Post

It's my virgin post! And it so happens to be my 130th! So it's like my virgin 130th post and will most probably be the last. Unless I set up another blog and post periods till I hit the 130th post again. Then, it won't be a virgin 130th post. But then again, every post is a virgin post seeing how I only have ONE blog and no other blog. Or not?

Hoho, now that's for me to know and for nobody to find out.

Anyway, this is the very first, though it may not be that last, post from school. The lecturer is being an ass and the class is staging a rebellion. We absolutely REFUSE to start working on the concept nonsense. He wants to see it in like, wait, he wanted to see it 3 minutes ago, but nooooooooo, he went off to drink his God-knows-what tea and hasn't come back yet. With any luck he will never be coming back.

Maybe he choked on his tea or whatnot. Which is highly unlikely, but I won't rule out that possibility just yet. Maybe he tripped over his feet and rolled down the stairs or maybe a deranged pidgeon flew straight through his brain. I wanted to say 'crow' but I remembered that the gahmen had already killed them all. But I suspect they secretly kept some alive cause I was at Chinatown the not-so-other day and I spotted a few of them.

Digression is a dirty word.

'yay' injects Chrystal at this point, possibly a HUGE hint to ask me to move on. Either that or the notion that Richard [the lecturer] may never come back again is appealing not just to me but perhaps everyone.

We had intially wanted to escape but seeing how no one has anything to show him, I kinda influenced the rest to stay, band together, and not show him any work. I mean, what can he do? Okay, so he may die from a heart attack or something similar or maybe he would whip out a nail gun and shoot us in the heads. Or maybe he would go crazy and start setting fire to the class or maybe...

Okay, you get my drift. Whatever the case be, the best outcome would be him forgetting about the insiginificant us since we are just students and can't design anything to save our sorry asses.

2:13 pm

Friday, August 03, 2007

By the time anyone reads this, it would be too late. As it is, it is only by sheer chance that you get to read this post. There isn't any connection to the internet where I am now. My only hope is that someone finds and publishes this. This post is coming from Quantan. The door, the only way into my room, has been secured, but alas, how long it would hold, I have no idea.

Zombies. Everywhere. By the hordes. They came in during the low tide, out of the waters. Literally soaked to bones and covered with sea weeds and whatnot. A foul stench. They run fast, no like what we're used to seeing in the movies. Knocking off their heads doesn't work either. We were at our wit's end. Everyone panicked, running off in their own direction. I have no idea how many are left.

I only hope this warning gets out fast enough to warn the rest of the world. This is perhaps the end. They're tearing their way through the door. God bless. And run while you still can.

NYAHA. Not funny.

Seeeeeeeriously. I've just been really lazy to update. No one reads this blog anyway.

And now that I'm finally blogging, I would really like to update nobody but seeing how I've been gone for so long, such an update would take forever and forever isn't really what I have on my hands now. Had initially wanted to post the photographs I took while I was in Malaysia but laziness got the better of me, as always.

Anyway. In a nutshell, I have been really busy lately, with lots of cutting of mounting boards and whatnot. They're so expensive and we need so many pieces of them it's like we're literally cutting up money. And don't get me started on measuring them. Goodness.

On ther other hand, we're doing 3DArtFundamentals which happens to be a hell lot of fun. So far, we have been messing with clay, paper making and PlasterOfParis. Of which, here is a little joke.

A woman was attending a wine tasting convention in France. Having drunk a drop too much, the drunken her fell over the balcony. After the whole accident, she swore never to get plastered in Paris again.

Hoho. Get it? No one thinks it's funny. But I do. Maybe that's because I'm a nobody. Nobody is perfect. Therefore, I'm perfect. Hoho. Wow, two 'Hoho's in a paragraph, now make that three. How quaint is that?

Lack of sleep makes people do and write strange things.

Oh right. I realised that somehow, I feel that I'm getting more and more stupid, so to say. Not that I can seeing how I'm a nobody and you know, perfect and all. Probably due to the lack of intellectual activities. Am thinking the maybe blogging might help so I shall try to blog as much as possible. Not that anyone really cares.

Now that GhostWhisperer is over, I shall promptly retire to the comfort of my bed before I fall off my chair, asleep.

Chotto matte, tan ji dei. (Dilect for 'wait a while')

10:30 pm