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Thursday, June 29, 2006
The Hierarchy Of Age

There is a certain hierarchy that the youths of today are demanded to follow. The hierarchy of age.

We live in a country where the younger ones are expected to respect their elders. And the thought of rebellion is absolutley taboo. At least for the older generation anyway. And this old tradditional way of thinking is very much enforced, even in today's modern society.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that we shouldn't respect our elders.It is actually quite a virtue. But strangely enough, it is for the very same reasons that we young people simply cannot communicate or get along with our elders, ie. parents.

The reason is very simple.

When you demand respect, it is equivalent to telling us straight in the face that we are below them, not anywhere equal to them, not to even mention above them. And because of this, we will obviously shut them out of our lives if not almost completely, then completely.

Friends on the other hand treat us as equals, not above nor below. And that's why, we choose to tell them everything. It is also the fact that they understand and can relate to us.

Now, it is not that we don't try to have a friend-parent relationship with our folks, but it's just that they wouldn't permit us.

You talk to them like they're your friends, and they complain that you're showing them no respect. Yet when you choose not to tell them anything, for obvious reasons, they say that you still have no respect for them and that you'd rather spend time with your friends than them.

The problem is pretty obvious. Isn't it?

9:21 pm

Thursday, June 22, 2006
The Man And The Boats

So it goes, that there was once a man. He lived in a huge house. It was just like any other day, any other normal day, where nothing of much significance would happen.

And like any other normal day, Misstress Weather comes out to play, subjecting the entire world to what She felt like playing. And on this very faithful day, She felt like Rain. So in She went, and out She came, of the mist, dressed in a flowing, deep-blue gown, emblazoned with clouds.

It wasn't just another gown with designs on it, but as She willed, the gown changed, from a shade of deep-blue, to that of a light one, and then grey, white, and practically all the colours of the sky, even those of which you have never seen. It was ever-changing.

But one thing was for sure. As She got bored, her other half, her alter-ego, the darker side of her, started to take over, and the gown changed - to a shade of dark grey, bordering on black.

Back where the man was sitting by the window, reading his papers, sipping his coffee, streaks of water dashed against his window. And as more of them made their temporary marks on his window, they coalesced, and rolled off.

They reached the ground, but didn't stop there. Slowly, but surely, they flowed down the gently-sloping banks, towards the river, where they collected, and grew rapidly in volume. As the rain got heavier, it rose to a dangerous height and eventually, overflowed.

The man saw this, and being the death-fearing man he was, he sought refuge on the roof of his home. He knew that the rain would eventually stop, and he would be saved. And by the faith of a mustard seed, he was right. The rain stopped.

Up there, Misstress Weather had fallen asleep, and unknowingly, she had saved a life by being the lazy bum that she was.

All seemed well. Everything was fine. The man was alive, Misstress Weather had fallen alseep, and nothing seemed capable of taking this peace away. It was the peace after the storm which everyone thought was meant to be.

But as Fate would have it, things weren't. Not for the man at least. He didn't see it coming.

Under all the pressure, not just from this incident alone but over the years, the dam was at its breaking point. It could hold out no longer, and so it collapsed. And as the water game gusing downwards, the man stared not just in fear, but in awe as well, at the sight of such devastating beauty. Never had he in his life behold such magnificent power. In fact, most don't survive such beauty. And he knew it.

He prayed against all odds. He braced himself as the gargantuan wave made its approach. The power was so great that it shook even the foundations of the building. But miraculously, he survived. The house which he spent so much on didn't fail him. It held strong. He was relieved.

He let out a sigh.

As though he was in some sort of sick comedy, the sigh he sighed,echoed for that instant, and in the next, there was a deep scilence, a second of still. It was as though Time itself stopped. His sigh was the final straw needed to break the camel's back. Then, with a deafening crash, even through the depths of blue, the house which held strong, or so he thought, gave way, leaving him stranded on the roof which was barely staying floating. The sigh, was his ultimate demise.

He knew his time was coming but with still the faith of a mustard seed, he cried, "God please save me!" with the very last of his breath.

But still, he didn't make it.

When he finally opened his eyes, after what seemd like an eternity, he was in a place he instinctively knew was home. It was heaven, and before him, was God.

"Why Lord? Did you not save me?"

"I did. Did you not see the trees that I had uprooted for you? Did you not see The plank that I placed right in front of you? Did you not see the tree and its branches, which held firm, that I had planted before you?"

He was rendered speechless. He had seen, he had thought of, but he did not take action, for he took such things for granted. He was too busy looking for other things which he felt would have been of better use. And this, was his failing.

12:35 am

Saturday, June 10, 2006
Random Thoughts IV

Daughter: Mom, can I not eat them?

Mom: No. Young lady. Do you have any idea how long it took me to catch them?

Daughter: But I don't like them.

Mom: Too bad for you then. Finish them.

Daughter: You hate me! Everyone hates me! The whole world hates me!

Mom: Yes! Everyone hates you!

Daughter: No, they don't!

Mom: Yes, they do, and if they had a chance, they'd make human pie out of you and eat you.

Daughter: No mom, you're lying! NO! I don't wanna be pie.

Mom: So make a choice. Be a pie or be a good girl and finish your vegetarians.

Daughter: But they were caught in the same bear trap that the children were caught in.

Mom: Too bad. Eat them or I'll have to eat you.

Daughter: But there's blood in them. Dried blood. Vegetarians don't go with dried children's blood!

Mom: Young lady, don't make me repeat myself.


*1 hour later, Dad comes back from work at the bear trap making factory*

Dad: Hey darling. What's for dinner?

Mom: Pie, steaming hot pie.

Dad: Sounds nice.

Mom: You have no idea.

Moral of the story: Eat your vegetarians.

1:17 am

Thursday, June 08, 2006
Addiction, A Bottle Of Aqva, And A Bottle Of Poison

Upon hearing the fabulous deal that my tutor snagged at Lucky Plaza, how could I, the number 1 fan of the Great Singapore Sale, miss it? So, off we went, Garene, Amelia and I went, in search for the cheap Levi's jeans. But things did not turn out ot be what we expected. It wasn't eaxctly cheap, and I'm not even exactly a Levi's fan to begin with. They're a tad too uncomfotable for me.

So, in place of a pair of jeans, I bought miniature bottles of eau de toilette/eau de parfum. It wasn't that much of me liking the scents than me liking the bottles. I love the bottles. They're in a sense, like human beings. Each unique in their own design. And I think I've gotten addicted to collecting the bottles. But it's a peculiar way to put it though. It's like collecting humans, getting rid of the flesh and just keeping the skin.

But that's besides the point. The thing is that I bought 2 bottles. For now. Bvlgari- Aqva (pronounced: aqua) pour homme, and Christian Dior- Pure Poison (pronounced poi-sorn), which isn't exactly for guys, but the bottle was calling out to me, and I simply couldn't resist. So I brought them home with me.

We then proceeded to Takashimaya, just to walk around. It was at that place where we decided we should have ourselves some ice-cream, or gelato to be exact. Intially, we each wanted one scoop each, but the guy was like,"Why don't you guys get the 400ml pack instead? It's cheaper". And there were sense in his words, so we decided to buy us some children flavoured green tea gelato. And the 3 of us, sat near the fountain, gorging ourselves with gelato while blood water splashed on us.

6pm came upon us 5 minutes after the gelato, and Amelia had to leave. So Garene and I decided to go visit Jill at her house. But being the indecisive and fickle-minded people we were, we made changes in our plan, and went to Junction 8 for dinner at Swensen's instead.

And thus ends the day, us, having human fish baked rice for dinner and taking bus 13 back home.

11:51 pm

Tuesday, June 06, 2006
The Thing About Blogs Bloggers

Blogging become increasing popular these days, however, as the amounts of blogs continue to rise, the irritation ,nay, rage grows deep within me, and I can stand it no longer.

One major issue bothering me, is of how some people think they are so [expletive deleted] smart. They make skins that pop that small, little, irritating window that goes: "copyrighted", "naughty naughty", or better still " iTT iisH MiiN3, dONtsH tAk3 iiT aWaySH fRm M3" when you right-click on their page. Oh right. Tell me, why in the world would anyone with a sane mind want to "tAk3" your bullshit away?

These people have absolutely no idea how the computer works. AT ALL.

Now, time for a lesson with yours truly - How to completely bypass the right-click prevention system. There are 4 very basic ways actually, and they are as followed:

1. Hit the key in between the windows symbol key and the Ctrl key. It's at the bottom right-hand corner of your standard windows-compatible QWERTY keyboard. If yours isn't one, don't fret, for there's always method 2, 3 and 4.

2. Highlight whatever it is that you wish to copy, then hold down the Ctrl key, and at the same time, hit the letter "C" key. To paste it, simply do the same, but this time, hitting the letter "V" instead. If it still fails to get you what you want, move on to method 3.

3. Seems like you haven't managed to get your hands on what you want. Don't worry. This method is bound to get you what you want. First, get yourself a piece of paper, then a pen, or a pencil, whichever you'd prefer. Then, move that hand of yours and copy it down. I say, no pain no gain right?

Too lazy? No worries, there's always method 4.

4. If you managed to get this far without already having thoughts of giving up, then I must say, you have one mother of a determination to get your hands on whatever it is you want. So, desperate times call for desperate measures. This is what you must do. Get as much information on the blogger as you can, preferably his/her address. Then, go to the said blogger's house and say this "YOU'D BETTER [expletive deleted]CHANGE YOUR [expletive deleted] BLOG SKIN OR I"LL [expletive deleted] BURN IT."

That ought to do the trick.

Ultimately, if you still can't get what you want, pick up your computer and jump out of your window with it embraced in your arms. That should put you out of your misery, for anyone who's that dumb deserves to be dead.

The next thing that irks me is the incessant noise, the MIDIS, those songs with bitrates of 1kB/s and below. And I thought we were supposed to be cutting down on pollution, which "noise pollution" happens to fall under. I thought we already had enough noise pollution back here in reality. But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Some wisecracks had to add fuel to the fire, by adding noise, not music, NOISE to their blogs. It appears that even heavy metal rock is undermined in the presence of ''music'', as they put it.

At night, I spend my time surfing other peoples' blogs, and I see all kinds of nonsense people do. If you're going to ask me why I still do it if I hate it, I can only say that as much as I'm enraged by such stupidity, I'm also very much intrigued.

10:35 pm

Random Thoughts III

It's all about ME!You know what?I'M TOO [expletive deleted] GOOD FOR YOU! YES YOU'VE [expletive deleted] GOT THAT RIGHT

My my...Wasn't that a tad too random?

10:00 pm

Saturday, June 03, 2006
Procrastinated Procrastination

Have you ever experienced this before? You think to yourself "I'll do it later, I still have time anyway". Then 'later' comes, then then you say "Nah, later, still early". Then it comes to a point where 'later' never comes and up start procrastinating about procrastination. That's basically what's been going on for the past whole week. So, I'm here to delete all my previous posts and this blog as well I'm here basically to keep this blog alive.

Friday, 26 May 2006: Surprisingly fun day. At school. Fun school, how oxymoron-ish. English was light, very light, so light that it was almost a free period, as was history, which was suprising actually. History and light don't go together at all. Much less if your teacher's anal 24/7.
P.E was next, which was in fact, a free period of a few of us, who were smart enough to produce self-typed letters to escape the lesson which makes school worth hating.
Chinese, non-exsistant lessons, were up next. What more can I say? Free period!
Then came the highlight of the day, the very reason why I even went to school in the first place. The Teacher's Concert. And here's a summary:
- Ms Mok, Ms Ng, Mr Ong and Mr Tham ruled.
- Mr Lee, Mr Chiang and Ms Cheng brought their songs into the slaughter house. ALL of them.
- Rest of the teachers combined their powers with Ms Mok, Ms Ng, Mr Ong and Mr Tham to save the concert from the slaughter house.
- And Ms Moo ROCKS! Oh I do love Ms Moo. =)
That's basically it.

Saturday, 27 May 2006: My birthday. Had lunch at Swensens, where I almot burst from all that food, then off to church, followed by dinner at United Square. That's all. Nothing great about it.

Sunday, 28 May 2006: Boring day spent at home sleeping and brooding over the fact that I'm screwed. 'O' Level Mother tongue paper is on the next day.

Monday, 29 May 2006: 'O' Level Mother tongue paper. I'm saving for the next one.

Tuesday, 30 May 2006: Went to watch X-Men 3, with Jill and one of her friends, jabez, who was quite a nice guy.
Then...MOS! I wore the red Puma jacket after much deliberation. Wrong choice if I may say so myself. I felt like a poseur, a misfit, a freak. Everyone was dressed better than me. I swear, if I ever go clubbing again, I will NEVER wear that jacket.
Anyway, I only warmed up to it after 6 hours of being there. And within that 6 hours, I realized:
- that was the only place you could bump into people with them beating you to pulp
- some people have to sense of rythmn
- most people cannot dance, including myself
- people love to squeeze into extremely crowded places. ie. the center.
- you must have internal organs made of steel to work there, or the bass will eventually kill you.

And I made a friend! This is how it went:

Jacky (his name, if I heard correctly): Hi, you alone?

Me (alone at that point in time): Yeah, sort of.

Jacky: Where your friends?

Me: (to myself: tsk. broken english) Dead

Jacky: Err. Okay. Where you from?

Me: Singapore

Jacky: k.

[end of conversation]

In the midst of it all, Me Garene and Sheryl went out for a while and we saw Paul Twohill! Cool. Anyway. We went out to pass Angie Garene's IC actually. She didn't bring hers, and they bouncers didn't accept EZ-Link cause it was late and the police came. She wasn't the only one though, many people were trying to sell their invites. In the end, she couldn't get in, and I kinda felt a tinge of sadness for her, reason being she was the one who got us the invites. Yeah. Moral of the story: Be kiasu (sacred of losing out) and queue up early so that you can get in fast.

Wednesday, 31 May 2006: Skipped school. Then had dinner at Vines with the church's youth, which was way better than Jack's Place. Price, food, ambience, all of it actually. And that's all for the day I suppose.

Thursday, 1 June 2006: Went to school. Then suppose to have gone with Amelia, Garene and Linda for a show, but I didn't feel like it. Just wasn't feeling me at all.
Sent Jill to the MRT after she decided not to see the doc. Then I went home. But on the way back, to make myself feel better, I bought KINGDOM HEARTS 2!! Whoopee!

Friday, 2 June 2006: Skipped school again. Went to Jill's house. Then went home for tuition. Nothing else much.

Saturday. 3 June 2006. Today: Spent whole day blogging. Will update later, since nothing much been going on. If, that is if, I don't procrastinate.

12:47 pm