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Wednesday, November 29, 2006
Happy Feet


For those of you who haven't already watched the moive yet, Happy Feet is a story about Mumble Happy Feet, aptly named, whom instead of singing to get the love of his life, diviates from the norm and dances instead. As expected, his deviation coupled with his inability to carry a decent tune results in his rejection from society, so to say. However, with innate ability to dance, he manages to solve both the problem of him being unable to find his love and that of the depleting fish.

Quite a predictable ending really. You would have thought he would have just died in the zoo or something to that effect. But then again, it is after all a cartoon and I don't think parents would fancy paying that 7 bucks just to let their children see some, not just cute, but cute, dancing penguin die.

As much as it is just a cartoon, the show masks a great deal of underlying meanings. Well, that's just what I think, seeing that we are all so very different you and I might just disagree. In any case, the show tackles sensitive issues that we face in society such as differences in race and religious/cultural beliefs.

The penguins can be categorized into two main groups, the group that sings and the group that gathers lovestones/dance in their search for a partner. The former seemingly represents the, put simply, fairer skinned while the latter, the darker skinned in American society. [It is put thus so as not to offend anyone. If you are, do inform me and I will make changes]

The show places the two groups side by side, showing clearly the differences- the singing group more uptight and resistant to spontaneity, whereas the other group, more relaxed and resistant to routines. Further more, the latter group of penguins' manner of speech is different compared to the former, having a distict Southern American tone. I strongly feel that the two groups represent pervasiveness of the divide in American society. But as I said, you may beg to differ.

Also, the show conveys the message of how society is resistant to change and as it appears, that any form of deviation is clearly unacceptable. Such as the rejection of Mumble just because he expresses himself in a different form, ie dancing instead of singing.

Environmental issues such as how adversely we are affecting wildlife by over-fishing are also dealt with in the show. To quite a amusing extend though, I really suppose the lack of fish will result in tap-dancing penguins.

The movie likewise deals with religious issues, of which I wouldn't elaborate for the fear that I will get myself into trouble. But it is blatantly obvious if you ask me. So, catch the show and figure it out for yourself.

P.S This is the first time in my entire life I have watched the same movie twice, other than the time I watch LOTR again seeing that I fell asleep, I cannot empahize any more how good the show is.

P.S.S [Once again, I do stress that none of this is meant to offend anyone, so if you are a slightest bit, do tell me.]

10:57 pm