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Thursday, May 25, 2006
Heart Attack

Yes, I had a heart attack, well, almost anyway. It was caused by someone I didn't really take a liking to right from day one. She, (no names going to be disclosed, but it starts with a J and ends with MIE with a vowel right after J)much to my amusement, condemned me the very minute she saw me. It was done with such alacrity that even a humming bird had no time to flap its wings. I hated, and still do, people condemning me even before they get to know me, which is more than just my name.

With all that aside, I'm just here to blog of how I almost died from a heart attack after reading her blog. And there I was thinking "Xiaxue is so full of herself that even the ego of the entire population wouldn't be enough to be on par with hers". Now I realise how ignorant I was. After chancing upon her blog, I thought nobody would be able to compare with her, not now, not forever. But I was WRONG! Turns out someone's ego is even bigger than Xiaxue's and I have been rendered speechless.

Nonetheless, I have put it upon myself to warn you, a potential victim of she whose name starts with a J and ends with MIE with a vowel right after J. RUN VHILE YE CAN, OR SHE VILL EXTRACT ULTIMATE TORMENT ON YE! RUN, RUN!

As for me, I shall retire now, to my bed, which happens to be where I'm lying now, and conveniently throw the laptop onto my table before I burst another blood vessel. It's either a stroke or a heart attack. How malicious can you get, you whose name starts with a J and ends with MIE with a vowel right after J?

12:02 am

Wednesday, May 24, 2006
Random Thoughts II

I was sitting at home the other day, staring at the wall when I heard my neighbor's kids playing outside. I got pissed off and opened my window and found a group of kids playing grab ass. I started yelling at them and shaking my fists in the air. The kids started to laugh, so I went inside to get my shovel.

When I came outside they started to run off, so I chased after them with my shovel but I couldn't keep up and I almost had a heart attack (which would have pissed me off even more, but at least if I died, I'd have become an evil spirit that haunts children). The next day I bought a bear trap and set it outside my house. That evening when I was eating vegetarians, I heard the bear trap clamp one of the kids. I ran outside and found my neighbor's kid trapped in the clamp, so I took him inside and ate him.

8:30 pm

Monday, May 22, 2006
Random Thoughts I

Random Thoughts:

- I have grown real fat, and need to lose those love handles.

- Church camp is coming up. Need to lose those fats. Or no sun tanning.

- I feel disappointed with myself. I have no talents to speak of and no goals to accomplish.

- I'm a lousy excuse for a human being.

- Chinese O Levels is exactly 7 days from now.

- My room's real cold after the air conditioning got fixed.

- My brother's Cantonese CDs are actually quite entertaining.

- My gum's bleeding.

- I feel fat.

- Inferiority complex's acting up again.

- Feel like going for a jog, or do some exercise. Make me feel less fat.

- Confused if I should go for MOS (Ministry of Sound) underage party. Wouldn't know what to do there. Inferiority complex's acting up again.

- Need to boost self-esteem and stop having self-pity and actually do something about it.

- I am staying up late so that I'd feel tired and will be able to sleep properly, something I haven't been able to do for quite some time.

- Stop blogging and go sleep.

- Geography sucks The geography teacher sucks.

- Is should stop procrastinating and go to sleep now.

- Chinese sucks too. Not the teacher. The subject.

- Fine! I'll go.

- Good night.

1:15 am

Friday, May 19, 2006
What's Going On?

The title, unless you're visually handicaped, is : "What's Going On?" Yes, what's going on? But no, it's not a asked-in-a-chaotic-situation-what's-going-on, but a as-a-matter-of-fact-what's-going-on. Yes. That's what it is. In short, it's just another regular update. Yes. That's what it is.

Tuesday, 9 May 2006 (I think): It was a holiday for Mayflowerians, in lieu of the election polling, schools were given an extra day off for the teachers to have a replacement day off since they had to sort of work on 8 May, a Saturday.
And since it was a hoilday, any student in the right frame of mind would have gone out, taken a walk, flied a kite, and in my case, go shopping. And might I add, it's a sad misconception that only girls like shopping. Anyway, after much deliberation during the conference the previous night, we (Jill, Linda, Garene, YiZheng, Wendeline and myself) decided to make a detour at Orchard for lunch then proceed to Queenstown for shopping. But as expected, we, the fickle-minded people, decided to just move on the Marina Square after lunch.
It was at this place that I had the sudden impluse to just walk into the Puma shop and get that sweater that I saw just 1 second ago. Anyway, the one on diaplay was green, but I decided that the red one they carried was nicer, so I did my wardrobe some justice and bought it, at a price of 79 bucks. Would have uploaded a photo of it if I weren't such an lazy ass.
So much for window shopping.
We then went to Garene's house for dinner: pizza. That was our last resort due to the fact that the fickle-minded people (us)couldn't decide on where to have dinner, thereby raising our stauts form the fickle-minded people to the indecisive ones.

Wednesday, 10 May 2006: All the graduating classes went for a play, staged by a British company, at the Jubilee Hall. It was great, despite the fact that we were in schol uniform, much to our dismay. And there I was thinking, that I could finally wear that shirt that I bought many donkey years ago. Oh well. But the play was fabulous, Taming of The Shrew. It was GREAT! The whole graduating cohort loved it, quite contrary to what I was expecting.

Thursday, 11 May 2006: Normal school day, boring, mundane and waste of time. But later at night, I went with Linda, Melloo, Adam, HweeSheng and MingHong to watch Posiedon. If that's how you spell it. It had quite a lousy plot, void of any character building nor proper storyline, unless you call escaping form a sinking ship, that resembles Titanic, a storyline. But it kept me on the edge of my seat with all the action that was going on. Other than that, it was a complete no-brainer.

Friday, 12 May 2006: Went to celebrate an early mothers'day not just with my mum, but grandmum, much to my objection. They were overruled anyway. Nothing really significant happened. After lunch was striaght back home, and into bed for me. Then lousy dinner. That's all.

12 May onwards: Boring, mundane stuff, not worth mentioning.

Fast forward- Thursday, 18 May 2006: NAPFA. Was okay, though I failed two segments. Expected it anyway. Nothing else much.

Today, Friday, 19 May 2006: Went to the gym at Garene's house, but before that, we had a few games of pool, where I think I've improved. Then dinenr at KebunBaru's Mcdonalds for Garene and Wendeline, the tauhuay (soyabean beancurd)store for me and Jill. Then home sweet home for all of us. I am now watching Da Chang Jin, and blogging at the same time. Oh well, back to my show then, will update another day I suppose.

What's going on? I hear you say. Well, with reference to the above, stuff is.

10:18 pm

Sunday, May 07, 2006
Screwed Up Life I

Quite some time ago, in order to prevent my pesky brother form touching my things, I locked quite a bit of important stuff in my drawer. I locked the lock with a key. I'm sure anyone in the right frame of mind would know that.

And what I did next, which any normal person would have done as well, was to hide the key in a place where no one would have been able to find it. And so it remained. Hidden. Hidden where? I hear you ask. In a handphone holder.

So hidden was the key, so mysterious its location, that even I, the person who hatched the plan to hide it, forgot about it.

Fast forward to the not-so-long-ago-past, I finally set my mind on clearing up the never-ending mount of rubbish in my room. Guess what? I FOUND THE KEY! No. In fact, not only did I forget about the key, I decided that the handphone holder was a useless piece of junk, and I [expletive deleted] threw it away, with the key! What in the world was I thinking?! Goodness. And I only realised the folly I had commited after like a week.

Now, I have to either
1. yank the drawer open
2. drill a hole in the lock
3. try picking it, which I did, much to my brother's amusement

Talking about screwed huh?

6:03 pm

Saturday, May 06, 2006
Excuses, Excuses (Major Updating)

Excuses. That's what I have been giving myself for the past 2 or more weeks. Judging form the last time I blogged, it's been more than 2 weeks. More than 2 weeks' worth of excuses.

2 days before Tuesday, 25 April 2006:
I went to our school's choir concert with Garene, Wendeline and Nigel. But before that, I had my hair burnt cut.And might I add, it was F.U.G.L.Y. Not that I had great hair to begin with, but it was fuglier than usual. The concert, as expected, wasn't too bad, but I still stand by my opinion that last year's was better. And as with every performance, they sang "Seasons of Love"; and as with everytime they sing it, no one's capable of hitting the high high high high solo.
After it ended, unless you're a retard, you should have known what we did - we left. We left and took the MRT back to Bishan. But halfway through, being the escentric person I am, I had a very very VERY serious mood swing and every inch of me was filled with angst.
And the excuse of the day was: " I'm tired ". But I actually wasn't. I was pissed. But at what, I seriously have no idea and will probably never will.

1 day before Tuesday, 25 April 2006:
Knowing full well that the mid-year examinations were dangerously around the corner, I had the nerves to still be playing games online.
And the excuse of the day was: " I still have time. I can start tomorrow since the major papers starts on Thursday. Besides, I need to destress. " From what? I have no idea, and never will.

Tuesday, 25 April 2006:
I started studying for Social Studies, but only for one, ONE pathetic chapter.
And the excuse of the day was: " Don't worry. I still have time. Besides, I'm tired." Load of rubbish.

From Tuesday, 25 April 2006 onwards:
I struggled. It was impossible to finish all the chapters in less than a day. Not only for Social Studies, but all my subjects. I struggled with all of them. From Social Studies to Chemistry to Math to Geography. Despite all these, despite knowing the how hard they were going to hit me, I still messed around. And at the end of it all, I know I'm screwed. Big time.
And the excuses for all those days were: " I'm too tired. I need to rest. I have studied enough and I'm sure they would come out for tomorrow. I need to turn on the computer to allow the downloads to complete." In actual fact, I was trying to escape my responsibilities. I did. And now I'm majorly screwed.

Friday, 5 April 2006:
The end of the examinations. My friends and I, (Jill, Mike, Allison, Garene, Linda, Amelia, Wendeline and I) went to Pizza Hut, at Thompson Plaza, to celebrate the end of the abominations. From there, we decided to go to Garene's house for billard. But halfway through, I backed out. This time, I was, for once, really tired, so I chose to go home with the intention of taking a nap (which I didn't take thanks my inability to resist the temptations of online gaming) before going to the Saint Andrew Junior Colledge Concert Band's concert, which might I add, was way beyond what I expected. It was fabulous. Huiwen, Linda and I later went for supper, after the concert, at the coffee shop near by. Then it was back home we went. I had the intention to blog and do some updating, but no, I didn't.
And the excuse of the day was: "I'm too tired." I lied. I was just lazy. Instead of blogging, I was playing games online.Again.

Saturday, 6 April 2006, Today:
I went for church sevice. Then the remaining youths went with Jo to the prata shop near NUS for dinner. The adults and the rest of the youths couldn't make it as they had to attend a dinner and a dance concert respectively. Form the prata shop, we decided to go for desert at this small shop near Michelle's house, which ironically, she didn't know of. Then it was home sweet home for all of us.
Back home, we (Jonadab, Linda, Vinson and myself) decided to play some Warcraft. Vinson really wanted to play a match of DOTA, but I was against it.
And the excuse of the day was: " I'm tired and bored of DOTA." In actual fact, I was just being a sore loser. I didn't want to play mainly because I suck at it. And I realise how self-centred I am.

Excuses, excuses. Excuses seemingly dominate my life. But this is an excuse in itself. I dominate my own life. I myself control what I do with my life. I choose what I want to do and the paths I want to take. Excuses don't rule me. Excuses are just devices I come up with to escape from responsibilities.

Excuses, excuses - fragments of the part of us that wants to escape. Do you rlue your life? Or do excuses do? The part that faces reality? Or the part that runs?

2:37 am