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Monday, December 31, 2007
On The 7th Day Of Chirstmas

Creepily fantabulistic. The transition is just...Yah.

I think I have a relatively bad habit of doing that.

- And so...

11:55 pm

Sunday, December 30, 2007
On The 6th Day Of Chirstmas

I actually have a lot of things that I wish to blog about but it's always either because I'm too lazy or I just simply can't them into words.

Anyhow, school starts tomorrow. Having mixed feelings about it.

Oh well.

2:52 pm

Saturday, December 29, 2007
On The 5th Day Of Chirstmas

Gotta LOVE CelticWoman.

And no, there are no racial bias connotations in the song.

10:27 pm

Friday, December 28, 2007
On The 4th Day Of Chirstmas

I secretly suspect that the CelticWoman are actually dead and are in actual fact, angels. But that just me being nonsensical.

And because I'm lazy, I shall be concise. I chose graphic design as my option over illustration because I know I'll be able to handle it better than illustration.

And because almost everyone is getting attached or already are, I shall have to be, to put it nicely, independent, again. But unlike before, I will try my utmost to maintain whatever I can maintain.

I realise I don't try hard enough.

- Oh mistress mine
Where are you roaming
Oh stay and hear
Your true love's coming

That can sing both high and low
That can sing both high and low

7:29 pm

Thursday, December 27, 2007
On The 3rd Day Of Christmas

3rd day of Christmas.

11:16 pm

Wednesday, December 26, 2007
On The 2nd Day OF Christmas

Máiréad Nesbitt is the bomb. If you can don a floor dress, play the violin AND dance at the same time, well, erm. Okay, so that's just it. I've nothing to say bout that actually. Except that she's da bomb. She reminds me of Marcia Cross. Must be the jawline.

In any case, there'll be a video for all the 12 days of Christmas which means I'll be updating everyday for the next 10 days. Wow. Exciting. I know.

Merry remainder of Christmas.

3:43 pm

Tuesday, December 25, 2007
Happy Birthday

Merry Christmas people.

Gotta love Celtic Woman.

Have a blessed Christmas and a good year ahead.

Hopefully anyway.

And Happy Birthday to Jesus. Seems like most forgot.


12:13 am

Friday, December 21, 2007
Tell Me What Do You Do?

Things are pretty much falling apart piece by piece and frankly, I don't really know how to deal with it.

I'm actually half expecting a cat fight to break out, which would be better, really, better than the unspoken tension so dense you couldn't cut it with a knife. So maybe I might be exaggerating but that's quite how it seems.

No one, not even me, wants to lay everything out and just talk or even argue about it cause it's just threatens to blow whatever we have got left to smithereens.

How does one walk that fine line of keeping perhaps more than 2 important factors of your life in balance? At our ages, I say it's near impossible but who knows? I might be proven wrong. Anyhow, I think it's just the holidays that are getting to us. It'll be all over soon.

I pray.

- Memories, light the corners of my mind,
Misty water-coloured memories,
Of the way we were.

2:20 am

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

So I've been working on some stuff that's related to design work and I realise I might be in the wrong course cause I do not appear to have the aptitude for design.
I feel fucking horrible.
It's been quite some time since I've felt my heart twist in such a way and I suppose I have to thank whoever for taking away some of my apathy in a very painful manner.
Fucking horrible.
I pray no one asks any favors of me anymore. Anything that's related to design anyway, because as it appears, I can't take rejection very well.
Fucking horrible.
Or maybe it's because I changed it quite a number of times as per request and it's still not good enough.
Fucking horrible.
Next time, anyone do me a favor and tell me my work is ugly when it is, so that I can salvage what I can, with whatever time I've got left. And don't give me excuses when obviously it is FUGLY.
I'm so sad but I can't cry cause I can't anymore.
I've chosen the wrong path and I've completely destroyed my fucking life.
Please don't tell me otherwise for now and let me wallow in my self-pity. And don't ask for the damned shit thing cause I wouldn't want to have to pay for someone's eye damage.

On a lighter note, in true BlackEyedPeas style, don't phunk with my heart.

1:09 am

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Nothing lasts forever.

Except maybe diamonds, cause diamonds are forever~

And God of course.

- Memories of other days
Come tumbling from the past
To remind us like the seasons do
That life goes by so fast

7:53 pm

Saturday, December 15, 2007


I finally passed KAGEKIYO on difficult mode.

On a heavier note, I can't feel my fingers anymore.

Yes, even as I type this.

I officially have no life.

But still....


2:40 am

Friday, December 14, 2007
Sing A Song

Jon, Vinson, Daniel and I went caroling at MountElizabeth today. We were part of a line up of acts that was supposed to be for the staff and patients of Ward 12 though using the words "line up" would pretty much be a mistake cause there clearly wasn't any slight semblance of planning.

Though I can't say it's a bad thing exactly. I mean, it's not like it's a party for the Queen or something and it being the holidays and all, I suppose a relatively relaxed and spontaneous environment would go well.

Then again, maybe not.

Anyhow, despite everything , I think we did okay if I may say so myself.

I love singing. And caroling. Though I can't say I do any of them well. I've never really looked forward to much except for caroling. Don't know why either. Okay, maybe not just caroling, but at the moment, that's what it is.

I've been wasting my life away watching YouTube, playing my DS, lazing around, basically everything except anything constructive. And I wonder why I even bother anymore. Life is just so

Person: "Hey!"

Me: "Yah."

Person: "How's things?"

Me: "Liddat lorh."

Person: "Oh. So.....What have you been up to?"

Me: "Nothing."

Person: "Ah. Okay..."

*Enter Sir Awkward Silence*

Person: "Okay. I've got to go."

Me: "Yah. Bye."

Person: "...."

I conclude that I cannot engage in proper conversations with people. They always just die. So pardon me if I appear uninterested but I'm actually not. It's just that my EQ seems to be in the negative regions and I just can't seem to carry a decent conversation and maybe because of that, no one wants to talk to me and I don't feel like talking to anyone anymore.

But listening. Ahh, that's something I think I do quite well if I may say so myself.

I used to think I had high EQ but now I know otherwise. I'm actually socially awkward and seeing how I'm becoming more and more stupid by the day, I'll be as unique and interesting as a pot of boiling water and after that I'll just evaporate and disappear.

I wonder what I'm doing with my life.

How all that came out, I have no idea.

Speaking of singing songs, I'll pay a million bucks I do not have, for the hand in marriage of ANY of the CelticWoman.

Alas, it is evident I have lost my marbles as well.

In other news, my hives have come back again.

- Sing a song of twenty cents
My pocket's full of lies
Four and twenty hours
Spent wasting 'way my life

11:55 pm

Wednesday, December 12, 2007
My Winter Storm - Tarja Turunen

So after getting kicked out of Nightwish, Tarja comes back with her first solo album, My Winter Storm.

Possibly that being the reason, My Winter Storm is one mother of a melancholic album. Getting kicked out I mean, not it being her first solo album. I mean, why would you be sad about cutting an album unless you were forced to? Ah, maybe her husband forced her to, so that he can continue having an ATM for a wife. Or maybe she's despondent that she's in such a forlorn state, that everyone except her husband, who really just loves her for her money, hates her. Okay. Ignore me.

Anyhow, what's interesting about this album is how the entire CD, or most of the tracks anyway, are joined but yet make as sense as they are. Okay, so maybe quite a few other artistes have albums like that, like one particular progressive metal band, which name I just can't seem to recall, that had an entire album made into an entire track that was what, 4 hours? But that's besides the point. Okay, ignore me again.

I recommend that everyone get a copy of My Winter Storm simply because


But seriously, her voice alone is worth it. It has been missed much.

And also because we should all support someone that's lonely. Yet again, ignore me.

So....Support piracy and download her album now Respect IP rights and buy her album now.

P.S. If you have taken me seriously and ignored me, well, I hate you. I cry myself to sleep every night in my weeping corner because everyone hates me and now I have a stiff neck. I hope you're happy.

P.P.S. Okay. Ignore me.

3:58 pm

Saturday, December 08, 2007
Hello. Bye.

Hello world.

Really tempted to start off this post with how I shouldn't bother with updating any more and how the the entire world hates me. Or maybe how things just really seem to be falling apart. For me anyway. Problems I think I have seem to really pale in comparison to what others have to deal with. But really, the last time things like these happened, they kind of sparked off an entire chain of events that I didn't exactly deal well with. わたしは さびしいに なりたくない

Anyhow. I shall instead start the post with how I survived 2DArtFun and Japanese and how I had lots of fun while dong what had to be done with Jo and the gang. And also how we planned a birthday surprise for Salvin and Benn, of how I had MahLahHuoKwuo [steamboat] with ShiHui and gang to celebrate her birthday, of how I took my JLPT4 and had diarrhea, went to HongKong, stayed at my godmum's presidential-suite-like home, enjoyed the weather, bought 6 hoodies, eat as much yummilicious food as my sick stomach can hold and how I prayed the plane wouldn't crash and of how me and mum came back alive.

But then again, that might bore whoever.

I [HEART] HK. Though I kinda zombie-ed through the whole thing wasting my attention on keeping my stomach in check.

10:28 pm